Top 5 ways to approach a girl on a dating app

Top 5 ways to approach a girl on a dating app
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In today's modern world, the whole world is on social media and the internet. Specifically, dating apps have become the norm to meet people and find potential partners. Dating apps provide a convenient platform to connect with people of different backgrounds, perspectives, and interests.

Dating apps have made it way easier to find a match just by sitting around and chatting with them. It's too convenient that nowadays the whole world is involving themselves in dating apps. Today's busy schedule doesn't allow people to invest their time in meeting people, getting dates, or even talking with someone one-on-one, but dating apps have made things easier to deal with.

People do have dating apps, but some of them don't know how to approach a girl on a dating app or how to start a conversation with her. It does happen with people who don't get into people easily. Their lack of confidence, or, as we can say, introversion, makes it difficult for them to meet people or start a conversation.

People do want to approach someone and attract them with their words. I can understand your feelings; your fear of using words, your lack of knowledge on using words wisely, etc. make it difficult for you to think before approaching a girl on a dating app.

Today I will discuss the top 5 ways to approach a girl on a dating app. So it may be worth it for you and beneficial to approach a girl on a dating app with full confidence and no doubts.

Why be careful while talking to someone?

Using your words wisely is important first before approaching a girl on a dating app. Because your words show your etiquette and your words are like a first impression if you are chatting with someone. You'll not know when and how you have hurt someone's feelings with your words, so it's important to choose words wisely before approaching a girl on a dating app.

Who finds it difficult or suffers the most when approaching a girl on a dating app?

I don't believe so, so it's difficult for me to consider this. Most of them are introverts. They don't know how to start the conversation; they get blank when they are approaching a girl on a dating app; they don't feel fear or lack of confidence; it's just that they are unable to make it happen. They don't know what to ask, how to expand their conversation, etc. There are many more problems than these that they face while approaching a girl on a dating app.

All people are the same; not all of them can talk very frankly with anyone or everyone. It needs understanding from both sides and a little effort from your side, because you can't expect everyone to understand you at your first meeting.

Approaching a girl on a dating app is something to be prepared for and knowledgeable about. You can't just stutter your words or look confident in front of someone. You are there to make an impression, not to make them feel pity for you or your problems. Deal with your own problems.

The top 5 ways to approach a girl on a dating app:

So, here are the top 5 ways to approach a girl on a dating app.

  • Craft a thoughtful message:

Your first message sets the tone for the conversation, and to set it high, you have to think of it wisely first. Instead of always greeting with Hey, Hi, or Hello, take your time and read the profile of the person and know their likes, dislikes, hobbies, profession, passion, etc., whatever you get to know. It will make her think that you are interested in this date and are putting efforts into making it work.

Your genuineness creates a good personality in your first impression. Our efforts to get to know her will show your potential and make a good impact on her in our first conversation.

A thoughtful message of yours will set the pace high from the very start, so be careful to maintain it and not end it or turn it into a bore. Show a bubbly and cheerful side of yours while maintaining your mature aura.

  • Be polite and respectful.

Respect is paramount in any relationship; even while approaching a girl on a dating app, you have to respect not only her but every single person. Use polite language and avoid showing any offensiveness or overly suggestive remarks. It can make her uncomfortable and create a bad impression of yours in front of her.

Never forget your etiquette, even if she doesn't seem interested in you or is not your cup of tea. Make her feel comfortable and secure around you; it's your responsibility. Treating her with respect and politeness can make this date go a long way. Because sometimes destiny makes you meet people who you might find not your type but can be soulmates till the very end.

Never forget your gentlemanly personality in front of her or anyone, even if that date doesn't work. People's choices differ. You cannot force everyone to like or love you; accept what comes and move forward.

  • Ask open-ended questions:

Approaching a girl on a dating app needs preparation for someone who is introverted. Engage her in meaningful conversation by asking her open-minded questions that include more than a 'yes' or 'no' as your reply. It will help you know more about each other and give you a chance to get deeper into the conversation.

Asking open-ended questions will make you both more comfortable around each other. Try to talk comfortably and make everyone always feel comfortable around you. Be in their comfort zone so that they can rely on you in the future. Open-ended questions will help you both learn about each other's ideology, thinking, and perspective on life. Everyone has different choices and priorities, and knowing their priorities and choices will help you make the future of your relationship.

  • Share a bit about yourself.

While talking or knowing about her, don't forget to talk about yourself too. Telling her about yourself will make her feel like you are giving yourself and your true efforts to the relationship, and it will have a good impact on her. Don't forget to share a little about yourself too. It will make her take an interest in the conversation and take part too.

Share your hobbies, interests, and how you expect your relationship to be. What are your expectations of an ideal relationship? This will help to create a beautiful relationship and establish a mutual connection. Easier to understand each other.

  • Keep the conversation light and positive.

In the initial phase, focus on keeping the conversation light and healthy. You can talk about topics like hobbies, interests, favourite movies, any travel experience, likes, dislikes, etc.

A light topic will not keep your relationship at a steady pace. Keeping the conversation light will not create a hustle or burden on your relationship. Approaching a girl on a dating app requires the right potential to talk wisely and keep things on the right track.

Positivity in a person always attracts others. Keep your conversation positive and try to avoid negativity, negative topics, past relationship problems, etc. A positive aura always looks attractive and creates a positive impact on other people, so try to maintain that. I know it's not possible to always be positive, but to try is not a bad thing.

To know more in depth about the art to maintain a good conversation on a dating platform read our previous blog on: How to keep a conversation going on a dating app.

Every person has problems in their life, and they have to deal with them on their own, but dealing with them with positivity will help you sort out messed-up things easily.


Approaching a girl on a dating app requires genuine feelings, interests, respect, mutual understanding, engaging conversation, etc. By following these five steps, you will increase your chances of having a meaningful conversation and finding a great match. I hope this has helped you to solve some of your queries and sort things out in an easy way.

Always remember before starting to date someone that if the other one is not interested in you, there is no need to force yourself or the relationship on her. You can't expect someone to love you or like you with all your faults.

You'll find someone who'll accept you the way you are but always keep patience in the relationship. Things will work slowly and gradually. You just have to never lose hope and not get involved in the wrong relationship to be left broken.

And even if you are in a relationship, always respect her boundaries, privileges, choices, etc. Never let her feel suffocated around you. Be protective, not possessive, in a relationship. Let her make their own decisions; she knows what's right and wrong for herself. Your possessiveness can harm your relationship, and the consequences in the end will hurt you badly.

Happy Dating!

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