Love Or Attraction: What is it that you feel?

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Let's decode!
"Attraction is the temporary love, but love is the permanent attraction."

Have you ever thought why the butterflies in your stomach don't always go away when you're in love or why your heart flutters when you're attracted to someone?
Love and attraction, which are normally seen as two peas in a pod, are often misunderstood.

Most of the time, people misunderstand attraction as love and vice-versa. The only reason for this is that people think both of them are the same, which is true, but they are not entirely the same. There is a very thin line that makes them different from one another.

However, separating them apart can be as confusing as trying to solve a puzzle without all the answers. Let's take a journey to discover the subtle differences between them in order to fully comprehend them.

What Is Attraction?

A key element of human connection is attraction, which builds our relationship with one another and molds our emotions toward others. There are many forms in which it can exist and by knowing those forms you can have an idea about in what aspects you are attracted to a certain person.

It can develop either gradually or spontaneously depending upon time, person and situation. Spontaneous attraction is mainly based on physical appearance meanwhile gradual desire grows slowly after you know a certain person, in other words emotionally or spiritually.

The Types

There are various types, each with unique features. These can be broadly classified into:

love, attraction, love advice, feelings, idyll, idyll dating
Your eyes draws me in

🪧Physical: Being attracted to someone in a sexual way is a specific type of physical temptation. Based only on the way someone looks. It includes being attracted to someone's facial features, height, body type, fashion sense and in general their physical appearance.

Is It Love Or Lust? : Clear Your Confusion Now!
Idyll says- Love and lust are not the same, even if they might overlap. Yet, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two at times.

🪧Emotional: This type is characterized by a strong emotional connection. It depends on empathy and understanding between the two individuals as well as common values, beliefs, and personality.

🪧Intellectual: The basis of this type is a wish to be drawn to the intelligence and perception of another person. It involves valuing their originality, intelligence, and ability for inspiring discussion. Deep talks and strong connections between minds may result through intellectual connection.

🪧Spiritual: It is the experience of a metaphysical or spiritual connection with another person. It depends on a feeling of transcendence beyond the material world, as well as common spiritual ideals and beliefs. A deep sense of oneness and purpose can be developed in a relationship through spiritual connection.

🪧Sensual: It is the pull towards a person's touch, voice, scent,  non-sexual qualities. It can be quite important in romantic relationships and is usually associated with emotions of comfort, intimacy, and closeness.

What Is Love?

Love is a feeling of safety- feeling like you are at home. You feel safe, you let your guard down, you feel like you are at home, and you don't feel like pretending when you are in love with someone. Love is a feeling of fulfillment, feeling of being protected.

Love is an intensely felt desire for someone. When you are in love with someone you don't know why you are attracted to that person. You adore them with the puppy eyes🥹. It's a very raw feeling that comes very naturally, and it's the most beautiful feeling.

love, attraction, love advice, feelings, idyll, idyll dating
Sunset and you

Elements Of Love

Same as attraction, love also starts with a spark, fireworks in the background 🎆🎇but with time it becomes more mature and stable. To maintain the stability in a relationship there are few elements of love that are like a magical ingredient in a recipe.

🪧Passion And Care: Love involves considering the needs of another person at least as important as your own, and it includes expressing compassion and genuine interest for their happiness.

🪧Trust and Security: Being in a loving relationship gives one a feeling of comfort and security. Mutual trust develops, allowing transparency and openness between partners.

🪧Commitment: Being in love involves wanting to keep a relationship going for a long time, facing difficulties and growing as a couple. When you truly love someone you don't think twice before committing to them.

🪧Intimacy: Intimacy is important in love—not just the physical kind, but also the emotional kind. Love is defined by showing your deepest thoughts and feeling of deep closeness.

Difference Between Attraction And Love

love, attraction, love advice, feelings, idyll, idyll dating
What is it?


🔖 Love is a slow process.
🔖 It forms trust and connection.
🔖 Love grows with friendship.


🏷️ It happens in a blink of eye.
🏷️ Desire grows with it.
🏷️ It is loud.

Stages Of A Relationship

Understanding how both of them play a role during these stages of a relationship can help you gain more insight into your feelings and relationships with other people. Relationships usually go through several stages that helps in blooming the relationship in all colors.

love, attraction, love advice, feelings, idyll, idyll dating
Stages of a relationship

The Initial Stage: Crush

Strong excitement can occur at the start of a relationship. Attachment with the other person, a constant need to be with them, and vision of them are characteristics of this stage. Love has not yet blossomed, but desire is strong. In this stage you develop a crush on them. You feel like a little child who gets excited seeing a toy shop.

Middle Stage: Growing Fondness And Blooming Love

The early excitement makes place for a deeper, stronger connection as the relationship goes on. Couples start to see each other's weaknesses and solve misunderstandings. At this point, true love starts to develop and is defined by respect, trust, and support for one another. Your love has started to bloom, don't forget to water it on time and please don't add too much water.

Last Stage: Mature Love

With time love develops into a stable and secure relationship over time. Even while the strong feeling of desire fades, a strong link based on acceptance, common experiences, and a deep comprehension of one another takes its place. At this stage, you are sure that your partner is your person and you not only just love them you think of them as your own.


Sadly, there are many false beliefs about the difference between them. One typical assumption is to mistakenly believe that deep love or passion is synonymous with amazing passion or desire. If the connection doesn't progress beyond physical intimacy then this can result in unstable relationships.

Another myth is that love has to end once the initial sparks wears off. But love is more than just excitement all the time; it's based on deep emotional bonding, mutual growth, and support.

love, attraction, love advice, feelings, idyll, idyll dating
Believe facts, not myths


Differentiating between love and attraction is not always easy. While attraction might ignite the spark, love is what keeps the flame burning consistently through all the ups and downs of a relationship. As we've seen, love attracts the soul, but attractiveness captures the eyes.

Knowing the difference enables us to nurture real love that is based in a deep connection and commitment, to enjoy the early sparks without becoming blinded by them, and to make wise choices about our relationships.

Love is the tale that lasts, but attraction is the poetry that generates the senses. Therefore, enjoy the thrilling rush of fascination, but work toward a lasting relationship that will significantly improve your life.

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