Is It Love Or Lust?

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Are You Confused? 

Let's Clear Your Confusion 👁

Kuch kuch hota hai Anjali, Tum nahi samjhogii...

When you see your partner in the initial stages of your relationship, your heart skips a beat, and you can't stop thinking about them while you're away. Just staring at them makes you wiggle; you get those tingling sensations in your body, and everything feels like a daydream.

Amid all of this excitement, though, you can't help but wonder:  Are your intense feelings for that person is love, or are they just lust 😕❓

"Love." This one word holds so much power and importance that it is very important to figure out your feelings and those strong emotions before you express them to your partner. Because telling your partner that you love them can give a new outlook to your relationship.

Love and lust are not the same, even if they might overlap. Yet, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two at times.

Love, lust, date, idyll, relationship advice, idyll dating, romance, confused
The L bomb💥

So let's examine the variations between love and lust, as well as the obvious signs of each feeling, before you drop a dynamite starting with L on your partner 💣.

Love And Lust: What Do They Actually Mean?

Have you ever wondered if the emotions and those tingling sensations you are feeling in your body when you see your partner are truly love, or are you just confusing them with lust?

Well, the answer to this question can only be given if you know the actual meaning of Love and Lust? Both words start with the letter L, but both have entirely different meanings. So let's understand each one of these one by one😉


Love is a feeling of safety- feeling like you are at home. You feel safe, you let your guard down, you feel like you are at home, and you don't feel like pretending when you are in love with someone. It's a very unfiltered feeling that comes very naturally, and it's the most beautiful feeling.

Love is an intensely felt and intense attachment to someone. It means having a profound concern for the good of another individual, having a strong emotional connection, and wishing what's best for them. Love is a feeling of commitment, devotion, and emotional connection.

Love, lust, date, idyll, relationship advice, idyll dating, romance, confused
Love me like you do!
Jab koi pyaar mein hota hai, tab koi sahi galat nahi hota.
~ Jab We Met (2007)


On the contrary, lust is a strong wanting, specifically for something sexual. Strong physical attraction and a need for close physical contact tend to be its key features. Lust usually prioritizes sexual intimacy over intellectual or emotional feelings in a relationship.

When you find someone physically attractive or their physical features appeal to you, that can be a form of lust. Many times, people misinterpret mere physical attraction as love, while it could be lust. Lust is a very strong human emotion that is felt by almost every person. In both males and females, there are certain hormones like testosterone and estrogen that are responsible for sexual craving.

So what do you think: is it really love or is it lust? May be your hormones are just having a get-together party in your brain 🤪. Okay, but jokes apart, let's go one more step ahead in figuring out and cracking this riddle.

Tumhara ishq, ishq aur humara ishq ,sex?
~Ishqiya (2010)
Love, lust, date, idyll, loving two people, idyll dating, romance, confused

Let's discuss the signs, so that you can get an idea of what you are actually feeling towards your partner.

Signs Of Lust:

💏 Physical Attraction:

There is an intense sexual pull. The temperature gets very high, the urges becomes intense, when you see them. An intense desire for intimacy or proximity on a physical level, without necessarily establishing an emotional bond. A strong need for intimacy and physical proximity that manifests as a real, almost irresistible pull in the direction of the other person. It's an experience that activates your senses as well as increases your awareness of their physicality and presence.

👩🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Limited Emotional Connection:

Even if there is an emotional bond, the physical desire usually wins out. It's the feeling of being attracted to someone not so much for a strong emotional connection as for their physical appearance. What is their comfort food? What is their happy pill? Even though you lack details, it's like you don't really know them, you still ache for the person. The physical desire is so strong that it over shadows the emotional intimacy.

Love, lust, date, idyll, loving two people, idyll dating, romance, confused
Work on emotional connection

👾 Objectification:

Not viewing the other person as an individual with ideas, feelings, and desires of their own, but rather as an object of desire. Instead of appreciating their humanity, you are focused on their physical appearance. This way of thinking reduces their value as a means for fulfilling your own sexual desires. An almost obsessive interest in the other person's appearance. Every shape and curve seems to amaze and capture your attention.

👐🏻Lack Of Commitment:

A wish to feel close without having to commit to anything long-term relationships usually imply. It's a moment-to-moment focus that gives little consideration of the future as a whole. You may feel puzzled, yet you also desire for their company. Is there something important  there? You're not willing to compromise in order to get what you want. Additionally, you shouldn't ignore the other person for who they are as a whole or put them above yourself. In short you are not willing to commit to them.

Love, lust, date, idyll, loving two people, idyll dating, romance, confused
Is This You?

Signs Of Love:


Communication and understanding are the basic elements of any relationship. Communication that is polite, honest, and transparent is how love is expressed. In order to create a strong and long lasting bond and understanding, partners talk to each other about their feelings, ideas, and worries. You continue to enjoy and understand them. You see how their childhoods molded them. You are able to recognize their sources of joy and sorrow. You are aware of everything and are grateful for it.


Intimacy, is a necessary aspect of love whether it's physical or emotional, It allows lovers to feel extremely close to one another and feel every emotion deeply. There is an attraction, you do experience sexual attraction. But there are other parameters as well which draws you in. However, you find other aspects of them appealing as well, and you admire how everything fits together and you adore them like a precious diamond. Intimacy is an important aspect of healthy relationship.

Love, lust, date, idyll, loving two people, idyll dating, romance, confused
The ART of Holding Hands

💗Trust And Respect:

Trust and respect both goes hand in hand with each other.
Mutual respect and trust are the building blocks of love. In order to create a safe space where vulnerability is treated with understanding, sensitivity, and acceptance, it is important for people to respect each other's boundaries, have faith in one another's intentions, and value each other's viewpoints and judgments. You understand they're not flawless, and that's alright. You can put up with their odd sense of humor and their strange habit of collecting bottle caps.

💞Supporting Personal Growth:

When we are in love, we support each other in achieving our goals, celebrate each other's successes, and console each other when we fail. Love requires forgoing and expressing sensitivity. Love is about encouraging each other to reach your full potential by serving as an ongoing source of inspiration and encouragement.  You want to keep on growing and nurturing your relationship and are happy with the process.  You are able to prioritize them over yourself. With each other's support you can grow a relationship in a very beautiful way.

Love, lust, date, idyll, loving two people, idyll dating, romance, confused
Support each other <3


When you're in love, you project and create a narrative about someone you don't truly know about them. After spending time getting to know someone and developing a closer bond, real love can blossom. When you're in love, you're also less worried about the impression you give this person.
So as you consider whether you feel lust or love—and what you want—know relationships will have ups and downs. And if you’re still not sure how you feel, you can slow down and think about where you are.

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