Can a Woman Propose to a Man?

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Women's love is a gentle grace,

It's a force that binds yet sets him free.

Through tender touch she paints his soul.

Through laughter, dance and tear stained eyes, she walks beside him hand in hand.

In every sorrow, In every joy her loves a flare, firm and grand.

In her warmth he finds his place, for in her love, he's meant to be.

Every man who has found the strength to become a better version of himself, has a right partner….standing by his side, hand in hand telling him to not only see his light but fires his flame so he can shine brighter, when the world is reminding him of his limitations. A person who amplifies his strength, celebrates his wins and lifts him up when he stumbles. She is his safe space, but also knows when to challenge him to grow, and everyone deserves such a partner.

Of Course, you are strong enough by yourself but you become stronger with the right partner. Someone who knows when to give that extra push, for you to keep moving towards your best self. Suddenly you see hope. You see your own capability to bring a change. Someone who knows your potential and encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, fueling you the right way.

If you have such a great partner, it's your time to let them know that they are much appreciated. for centuries, the image of a marriage proposal has been inscribed in our minds as: a man, usually on one knee, holding a ring, asking the ever- so - familiar, "Will you marry me", a woman teary eyed saying “ yes”. But let's change it a bit. What if the woman stands tall, pouring her heart out in words, and asks the same question???

Men In Love Are Underrated

Sometimes, you don't just feel lost but you feel broken to a point where you feel incapable of putting yourself, your life and everything around you together.

Kabhi kabhi tum bikharte nahi toot jaate ho!

Love is not everyone's cup of tea, because some people find a way out of it when things turn serious while the other person continues to try hard.

I'm may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm definitely someone's double shot of tequila.🥂
"Love is not for them who feel a little too much and fall a little too hard."

How Do Men Love? ♡ ︎

Do they write poems in your name? Do they sacrifice their game and watch your favorite show?
Do they apologize even for your mistakes? Is it the way we see in the movie, books?
Is their love beyond your weight and looks? Does their softest hoodie become yours?
Or, Is man's love just an untrue concept with no clue? Are men just looking for obedient wives? Are all the words of love just manipulation and lies?
Is their love a challenge that we must overcome? What exactly is man's love?

💭 Have pondered over this question for years now. Was a man's love the only purpose, the only reason I was alive❓❓❓

And then he arrived, he wrote no poems in my name. Neither was he a charming prince but he surely treats me like a queen. His love is like no romcoms, he mostly makes me mad but he does say sorry first when I am a little hurt and sad. He learnt empathy a little too soon and that was more romantic than watching my favorite show while sacrificing his game. I knew for a fact that he listened, he cared. His love proved that it wasn't too bad to be somebody's wife. Men don't show or count their love. But just that apology when it's due is all that it really takes. Not every man is bad, Not every wants you to live by their approval. Men in love are hope and light, they sparkle and glow. Men in love are kind and beautiful. Men in love aren't hard to find.
Love language!!
Top Five Love Languages In A Relationship
Expressing the feeling of love with ease can be a task for many! These Five Love Languages can help you to love and express yourselves.

Men don't show or count their love. But just that apology when it's due is all that it really takes. Not every man is bad, Not every wants you to live by their approval. Men in love are hope and light, they sparkle and glow. Men in love are kind and beautiful. Men in love aren't hard to find.

“And you'll know the warmth I talk about when a good man loves you”.

In The Footsteps Of Shakti

The story of Shiva and Parvati, Inspires us to break the mold. Shakti was the reincarnation of Sati, the first wife of shiva, she incinerated herself in a fit of rage and despair after her father Daksha insulted Shiva. Parvati, determined to win Shiva's love and make him her husband again, undertook intense penance to please him. She endured harsh weather, meditated for years.

There is no cosmic law, relationship handbook, that dictates who gets down on one knee.

Throwing Spotlight On An Age Old Question.

"Can woman propose a man? Absolutely!! Marriages earlier were an one man show."

Women Proposing Is The New Romantic

💍 It Flips The Script

In the changing times discarding the outdated traditions of a man taking the lead, By taking the lead you show your partner that you are independent, strong and eager to build a future together.

💍 Equality In Love

We often call out pay disparities in societies, but marriage is a partnership and a woman proposing reflects that partnership. "Love doesn't have a gender, neither does commitment”.

💍 Ultimately the most romantic aspect of this proposal isn't the act but the female proposal. It's a declaration of your desire to spend your forever with someone special.

The shift towards woman proposing isn't just about changing traditions, it's about redefining romance.
"Breaking barriers with love: rewriting the rules one proposal at a time 💍❤️"

Proposal: A Man's Promise

Not everyone will embrace this new trend. Particularly, those clinging to old- fashioned ideals. They might muffle “stepping into a man's shoes” or “emasculating the poor guy”. They might also see the woman taking the lead as a sign of weakness or a disruption. But that doesn't make the love and commitment behind a woman's proposal any less genuine.

True love isn't about following the script, it's about expressing your love in a way that feels true to you and your partner.

"Real men wear their hearts on their sleeves 💕

Lets ultimately dismiss the existence of chauvinistic views of love and reinforce the message of equality and personal expression.

Love Beyond Surprises

Some might say that the surprise element is lost when a woman proposes. However, the beauty of a modern relationship lies in open communication.

Do it the Barfi way!!!

Discussing marriage can be deeply intimate and a bonding experience too.

With All My Love

If you must steal, then steal away my sorrows.
When yet another anniversary passes without a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Anna decides to take action. Aware of the celtic tradition that allows women to pop a question on Feb 29, she plans to follow her lover to Dublin and ask him to marry her. Fate has other plans, however Anna winds up on the other side of the Emerald Isle with handsome, but surly, Declan an Irishman who may just lead Anna down the road to true love.

The Idea Of A Female Proposal

Let me help you craft a proposal that is as unique as your love story-

💐 Before giving a Pinterest inspired proposal, consider your partner's personality. Does he crave grand gestures, or is he more low key?

💍Traditionally, the man presents the ring. Either choose your ring beforehand or have him pick one later, or get creative with some non traditional token like a piece of art etc.

🌉Think about the setting, does your partner have a favorite place, maybe it's a romantic dinner, a weekend getaway or a surprise party with loved ones.

💫Plan your speech, express your emotions, love, and your views about your future together. Remember the most important thing is your emotions and feelings beyond words.

📸Don't forget to capture the moment, hire a photographer or ask your friends to discreetly capture the proposal. You will cherish these memories throughout your life.

🥂Plan a post proposal celebration whether it's an intimate celebration or blow out party with friends.

Remember, it's your story. Don't feel pressured to follow a certain script. The proposal should be a reflection of your unique relationship. So go forth, take charge and redefine romance on your terms.

Time to discard the idea to fit in the Cinderella shoes!

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