Turn Offs For A Woman After You Start Dating!

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A nice and suggestive word.

We all have them. Some are sky-high, while others are non-existent. But no matter what your standards are, there is a bare minimum that cannot be messed around with.

When you start dating someone, everything feels exciting, new, and bright. But what can possibly make that spark fizzle is what I'm going to enlighten you with in my dating advice. So join in the fun and find out what makes her ick!


New relationships are like baby flowers; they need proper nutrients, sunlight, and water to blossom. But if they are deprived of the same, they die before they even have a chance to grow. Your partner needs to feel special, loved, and cherished for your relationship to actually develop. If your girlfriend starts to question your love for her, well, then you're screwed. Here's everything that turns a woman off in a new relationship.

Lack Of Respect

The most common dating advice that people often dole out is "Respect Your Partner". While that sounds easy enough in theory, many relationships crumble under the weight of one person disrespecting the other. When you start dating, you wordlessly convey to your partner your absolute devotion and respect for them.

But if you cut her off when she's talking, make her feel anything less than the beautiful woman she is, ridicule her dreams, or deprive her of something she craves, then you better believe she's gonna run for the hills the first chance she gets. It might look glorious and attractive in movies, but trust me, no one wants a Kabir Singh in their life. My dating advice? Respect and cherish her to the best of your capacity. Women want an equal, not a dominator. Love stands and thrives on mutual respect for each other's wishes and dreams.

Personal Hygiene

Nothing (and I cannot stress this enough) is a bigger turn-off than someone who does not take proper care of their health and hygiene. No one wants to kiss a smelly breath, be held by stinky arms or live with someone who let's their dishes pile up for days on end.

Hear me out. Cleanliness might just be the way to a woman's heart. That's because it displays a sign of maturity; it tells your partner that you have grown past the age of being a delinquent teenager. As Taylor Swift puts it, " In a world of boys, be a gentleman." My dating advice? Keep yourself and your surroundings clean; it creates a more inviting and warm aura.


Committing to someone is your first step towards being selfless. Love should not be limited or lessened by your own desires and wants. If a woman truly loves you and is committed to your relationship, then she'll walk through fire for you. Extend the same courtesy to her. My dating advice? Don't take so much from her that she ends up feeling hollow and incomplete. Selfishness destroys relationships and breeds hatred.

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They say that Love is a battlefield, but only when you're fighting with your partner, not against them. Do what you need to do in order make her smile, cry happy tears or bring a lovely shine to those pretty eyes.

Lack Of Ambition

No women wants someone who lacks passion and drive. They are naturally more attracted to people who have dreams and aspirations and want to make something of themselves. No woman would want to marry someone who does not have the will to support her financially in the future, regardless of her own earning means.

Lack of ambition also shows a lack of passion to put in the rightful effort. Women might sometimes see it as not being driven enough for anything, including relationships. My dating advice to you? Find something that makes your heart and blood pump faster; there is nothing more attractive than a man who goes and puts in the effort to get what he sets his sights on.


Lying is not merely a turn off, but it also destroys trust. And a relationship without trust is practically waiting for its funeral. Sometimes uncomfortable truths are better than comfortable lies. You can't win the heart of someone by feeding them false sweet words because, at one point or another, you'll have to break character and when that happens, you lose the dear things in your life.

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Dating Advice

Women are strong enough to handle truths; Don't lie to them under the pretense of trying to protect their feelings. Always be honest. Women don't like to be led on. There is nothing that would break a woman more than knowing that she played into the hands of a liar. My dating advice? Communicate everything—the bad, the good, and everything in between. Relationships in their purest forms are never perfect.

Pressure For Physical Intimacy

Physical attraction matters, but pressuring a woman for intimacy when she does not feel ready is a major turn-off. Women value when a man respects their boundaries and prioritizes building emotional connections before escalating physical intimacy.

Relationships need to grow naturally and more tenderly. If you rush physical intimacy, it gives off a wrong message to your partner. My dating advice to you? Open the lines of communications on this topic, make her say a safe word if she feels overwhelmed when things get heated and respect her wishes to stop whenever she wants.

Lack Of Emotional Intelligence

Being in a relationship can be emotionally demanding. Sometimes you have to use that gut of yours to say and do the thing that you think your partner needs the most. Ignoring her when she's on the verge of crying, or starting arguments on small things is not emotionally mature behavior. Understand what she needs emotionally, and give her that.

My dating advice? Use tender words, kiss her on the cheek, buy her flowers, or do stupid karaoke sessions with her if she's feeling down. Love in it's rawest form comes to life when you stop using words to communicate; just the look in her eye, twitch of her cheek or the clench of her jaw would tell you everything you need about the way she feels.


And that concludes my lesson on what turns off a woman in a relationship. Dating isn't just about rules; it's about feelings. It's about listening to her, making her feel safe, and valuing her emotions. It's about building trust, one step at a time, and showing how much you care. At the end of the day, I can give you a thousand dating tips but only you can make good use of them. So my last dating advice? Keep it real, be kind, and understand each other. In your journey together, cherish every moment, knowing that love grows when you flood it with honesty and empathy.

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