What Should One Choose Between Career and Love?

Career and love are two most important aspects in life of a person, but when it comes to choose one it is very difficult, which is what we are going to discuss in this blog.

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Love Or Career?

What should one choose between career and love? Love and career are two parts of a life. Love is a very beautiful feeling that a person feels for their family or friends or it can be any person who was once a stranger but now holds a special place in your heart. If a person is settled in their career, then they can take care of their loved ones' requirements and also achieve their dreams.

However, sometimes it is not that simple. Many people start with building a career for themselves with a success mindset in their college days while others choose to prioritize their love life instead and prefer college dating. Each person feels one or another way if they are settled in their life then they can take care of their loved one’s requirements and also it will be easy to fulfill their dreams.

But many a time it is not that simple, multiple times we would have come across people settling their lives they have to sacrifice their personal lives or many have chosen their love life and they are struggling in their careers.

But when you were in a position to choose between the two, what would it be? Love or career?

It’s like a battle between what the brain wants and what the heart wants.

When it comes to consulting people about what to choose while having a deep heart-to-heart conversation most will suggest a career but they don’t understand how stubborn the heart is.

In this world where love is hard to find – it becomes harder to let it go.

The Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

Career or love?
What to choose?

Let’s assume that the red pill is love and the blue pill is career.

Nothing good comes out of decisions taken in a hurry so think about the results that both will lead to. College dating with a bucket full of ambitions can be problematic and hard to handle.

Nobody said you can’t have both but not everyone can be good at balancing priorities.

The Red Pill

Relationships in college are common and a much-needed experience but it does come with a web of lies, betrayal, and tears – young, dumb, and in love is a beautiful experience that and we all have been there.

Love is what makes a person more understanding, and mature and teaches one to stay calm in difficulties– that is a lesson of life that you won’t learn anywhere else and you never forget it.

College dating is what makes college life more memorable.

The Blue Pill

Career building during college is crucial, it is what your parents wanted you to focus on when they paid the fees of your college.

It sets the foundation for a successful future. Student can secure their dream job and achieve financial stability. It also helps in gaining practical experience and building a professional network, which can be beneficial in the long run. College is the perfect time to explore various career options, participate in internships, and gain insights into the industry. By focusing on career-building, a student can make informed decisions and be well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

The Ideal Partner

College dating becomes better if the person you date is supporting you.

Having a supporting partner is a charm to your ambitions that mix of blue and red pills being the strongest of all. Dreaming is not easy, you have too many dreams that you want to achieve and just when you think of giving up because you are scared to fly, comes a person who guides you and makes everything seem easier.

It’s easy to dream with them. It’s easy to talk to them. That person supports you and your dreams. But is it easy to find that person? Only if you are lucky.

In a situation where you are stuck between career and love, think of what can give more happiness to you, and benefits you, being selfish is not a bad thing. At the end of the day, we all strive to be the best, to be the richest, to be the happiest, and none of that comes with bad decision-making. So let me make it easy-

Does your partner love your ambitions? Do you think your relationship will last longer than your college dating phase? Is your partner as ambitious as you? Is your partner always excited to do something to make you happy? Do they ask you what you want in life or how you picture your future self?

Like it or not, a relationship is based on how happy your partner makes you or in the case of toxicity how delusional you can be, if your dreams are a source of your happiness then your true partner will never stop you or want to come in between them.

Ask these questions above to yourself then further introspect what happiness means to you. I know it's hard to choose, but on one side there is momentary happiness and tears in the future, and on the other side there are momentary tears and happiness ahead. Which is which? you know the answer deep down, you know it.

This time that you have right now, the youth that you carry is the perfect time to take risks as you'll have time to clean up if you mess it up. One thing I would like for you to acknowledge is that allow love to come when you love yourself when you are standing just fine on your own feet and you don't need someone to lift you and find love that compliments your life that adds beauty to it.

Career or Love?
Career or Love?

Things To Consider-

  • Is Your Career Your Life Purpose?

Many times the career path that you choose is not something that you want for yourself, it can be something you choose for financial freedom or because of family pressure. In cases like this, a career is not something that makes you happy and is most probably toxic for you. Choose love over a career you don't even want. What is your priority? What will make you happy in the long term? College dating can be stressful but it can also be something that can be much more than just college dating.

  • Do You Have A Clear Vision About What Kind Of Relationship You Want?

When we’re young, usually we are still exploring, especially when it comes to love. We don’t have the experience and knowledge to know exactly what we want, no matter how strongly we might feel towards someone.

That’s why a lot of people get into relationships with the wrong idea of what they want from their partner. They usually end up with someone who doesn’t match what they were expecting and consequently, they feel unsatisfied.

If you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to see if the person you’re with matches that ideal…and if they’re worth sticking with even if you’re working hard on your career.

  • What Other Things Can You Sacrifice To Have Both Career And Love?

If you’re still not ready to let go of them, then ask yourself what other aspects of your life can you sacrifice for you to have both a career and love. Surprisingly enough, there’s more to life than just your career and your love life. You have your hobbies, for example.

Maybe instead of scrolling reels you can spend time with your partner instead? It really depends on what matters to you more and compromising something to get what you want more only affects you for a few days before life feels sweet again and purpose-driven.

If you want to continue your relationship then you need to know more about how to manage ambitions with dating in college.

  • Is Your Partner Too Demanding?

Often times during college dating your partner can be too demanding of attention and less understanding, this leads to many arguments between the couple and the relationship environment becomes mentally exhausting and toxic.

A toxic environment only gives rise to toxicity and hence it may stoop to a level where you can't focus on anything further leading to the self-destruction of the person. One needs to be cautious and selective of the person you prioritize.


There are many such little things to consider and questions to ask yourself before realizing what is worth more for you and predicting the outcome of each scenario, unfortunate events call for tough decisions and college dating can be something difficult.

If you are about to make such a tough decision in your life, I wish you all the best with some game-changing advice - life becomes sweeter with an understanding partner who compliments your personality and you can find a partner that is perfect for you through 'IDYLL'. So don't waste your precious time and download Idyll now - the perfect dating app to find your perfect match.

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