Top Tips to Flatter Your Date

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We're sure you'll love em'.

The saying "Flattery won't get you anywhere" holds true, as using flattery in an attempt to impress your date is likely to backfire if it comes across as insincere.

dating tips, idyll, idyll dating, flatter your date, dating advice, love

Flattery isn't just about showering your date with compliments; it's about making them feel genuinely admired and appreciated. Well, let me help you become a master in the art of flattery.

Power Of Genuine Compliments

Understanding the difference between genuine compliments and flattery is crucial. Authentic compliments have the magic to make your date feel genuinely cherished, and these sweet words highlight the qualities you admire about them. But if your praise feels forced or insincere, it might come off as trying too hard or rude.

dating tips, idyll, idyll dating, flatter your date, dating advice, love
me when my bf throws genuine compliments instead of flirting

Let me give you some examples: instead of saying 'You look nice or pretty' say something specific or something you noticed about them like 'You have a great sense of style'. Specific compliments show that you truly want to impress your date and aren't speaking empty words with no meaning.

Avoid Excessive Flattery

While it's good to compliment your date, doing anything in an excess amount is a big no. Showering your date with many compliments will make them feel you are trying hard and then your compliments won't impress them as much.

When you are giving compliments, see how your dates react to them if they are just awkwardly smiling then it's a sign that they are not a fan of compliments. If they are genuinely smiling or blushing, then, Tada! You've hit the spot.

Art Of Active Listening

Active listening is a basic skill that everyone should master. It will help you in many situations in your lifetime.

Show that you are genuinely interested!

Instead of waiting for your turn to speak, take a genuine interest in your date's life. Try impressing them by focusing on and fully understanding what your date is truly saying her feelings, and her perspective.

Wait practice this with me. Let's say hypothetically we are on a date and I'm telling you about my vacation so instead of saying great, cool, or things like that. Try saying 'What was the best thing you bought there?' or 'What was the highlight of your trip?'.

Do ask a follow-up question that will make them feel heard.  
Avoid interrupting
dating tips, idyll, idyll dating, flatter your date, dating advice, love
When he starts yapping out of nowhere!

If you keep interrupting your date, they will think you are a narcissist and you can't bear to hear someone else speak. It will make you an instant red flag.

Don't judge.

I feel adding this wasn't that necessary because it's a really basic thing to know but then again I couldn't be sure. So, you should never judge someone even when you have different viewpoints on some situation cause you never know what they've been through and why they are saying that.  

By mastering the art of active listening you can even make a deeper connection with your date, which will make them feel more special, valued, and understood, which ultimately means that they'll be impressed.

Gestures Over Compliments

While compliments help make your date feel special and appreciated, gestures could leave a long-lasting effect. Gestures are actions taken by you, to make your date feel extra special and this would help her see that you are willing to make the extra effort to make the date feel better for them.

After all, action speaks louder than words, and sometimes acts of service can convey feelings and care more meaningfully. Whether it's simply taking care of them when they are sick, or making their favorite meal, these small things might seem insignificant but hold a lot of weight.

Body Language

We all know that body language is a powerful way of non-verbal communication that can convey a mountain of thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Now, one should remember to have an open and welcoming posture while also maintaining eye contact.

Mirroring and matching your date's personality is a powerful way to impress them also while fostering a sense of connection and familiarity between you and your date.


dating tips, idyll, idyll dating, flatter your date, dating advice, love
Everyone loves surprises

Don't forget that the element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your date. From giving them flowers to planning to taking them on an unexpected outing, small or big surprises leave a long-lasting impression and give them something to look back to.

While grand gestures do leave a lasting impression, don't forget that consistency is the key and someone who keeps putting in small efforts every day is far better than someone who puts effort only once in a while.

It's the everyday thoughtfulness that strengthens and deepens the bond.

Maintaining A Positive Outlook

Maintaining a positive outlook is important, whether your date ends on a high note or a low one. Remember, it's not about the outcome of this particular encounter, but about the journey it represents. Even if things don't go as planned, it's all part of the learning process. So, take a deep breath, reflect on the experience, and focus on the positives. Each date is a chance to learn more about yourself and what you're looking for in a partner.


Getting the knack of genuine admiration, active listening, thoughtful gestures, and positive body language can really help you impress your date. It's not just about throwing compliments around; it's about genuinely making your date feel valued and understood. Steer clear of overdoing it with flattery, engage in meaningful conversations, and keep showing that you care consistently. These little efforts can create deeper bonds and leave a mark. So, dive into the dating scene with sincerity, sprinkle some surprises, and keep that positive vibe flowing. Remember, every date is a chance to connect and grow.

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