The Idyll Dating & Meet Up App Introduction

The Idyll Dating & Meet Up App Introduction
The Idyll Dating & Meet Up App Introduction

"Yaar mujhe ab koi chahiye."

Is that your line when you see couples around your college campus?

Enter Idyll- The Perfect Dating App for college.

Started by Kushal Poddar in March 2023, Idyll is an independent publication aiming to win college students' hearts.

Idyll makes it possible for college students to date and romanticize their college lives.

We are the first online dating platform to truly believe in offline dating.


We know that getting verified on Instagram is way too expensive.

No problem!

We've got you covered.

We provide yellow-tick verification to students who upload their college ID cards.

Pro Tip: Uploading your college ID card sets you apart from other profiles.

Don't take a chance.

Hint: Yellow Verification ensures mingling with genuine students.


Whether it's a standup comedy show or Anuv Jain’s concert, on Idyll, you can easily find a date to attend these events with.

With the Event Filter on Idyll, you can find dates in the events themselves.


In a college environment, privacy is a sensitive topic.

At Idyll, your data is completely safe with us.

You and only you get to decide what to share and with whom.

We provide the utmost security to our users, keeping them safe!

Join IDYLL Today!

Download Idyll now to make your college life a lot more interesting.

Make meaningful connections and find love.

Idyll provides a one-stop solution for all.

Happy Dating!

Join Idyll to find Ross or Rachel!!

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