Save Yourself From Catfishing!

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Have you ever wondered if the person behind the enticing online profile is really who they claim to be? Or, what would you do if you discovered the charming stranger you've been chatting with online was someone entirely different? Where should I show empathy?‌

Remember when Ricky Bahl' s charm and deceitful tactics made the females fall victim to him? Their lesson taught us to trust our instincts, stay true to ourselves, fostering genuine relationships based on honesty and respect. But not every time and everyone gets to outsmart and seek justice.

Catfish,catfishing, dating, love, dating app, love advice, idyll
Ranveer's charm!

I'm sure all of us have been in a position where we have received messages from someone we have vaguely known.

What Is Catfishing?

In this era of online dating where profiles serve as the initial gateway to potential connections. There is a secret admirer or deceptive predator lurking. In the realm of digital romance catfishing, the act of creating a fake identity online to deceive others is a prevalent concern.

Catfishing is a scam that involves luring a person into a romantic relationship by pretending to be someone else.

People can be coercively controlled in numerous different ways by someone whom they have never met. They tell you such stories that get you intrigued. Their conversations sound really warm and are filled with compliments and pleasing statements that make it easier to break the ice and get comfortable.

In many cases of catfishing the catfisher is a person you roughly know. They try starting a conversation by thanking you for some small gesture you did. Their way of texting is very different from others like a pen pal, those great big long messages. And that's how they establish friendships with you.

Catfish,catfishing, dating, love, dating app, love advice, idyll
Baited and betrayed: The tale of online deception‌

Dating apps are a fantastic way to meet new people. But there is always a chance to encounter people who fake their identity. Love in the digital age is exciting and transformative with dating apps like Idyll, finding connections has become easier than ever. But dating in the online world requires a lot of caution. Catfishing is often done for emotional and financial gain.

That doesn't mean one must give up on dating and stop looking for connections has become easier than ever. But dating in the online world requires a lot of caution. Catfishing is often done for emotional and financial gain. That doesn't mean one must give up on dating and stop looking for connections.

Why Do People Catfish?

Catfish,catfishing, dating, love, dating app, love advice, idyll

Catfisher use emotional manipulation scenarios to extract money from the victim. They may shower you with affection, create hardship stories then plead for financial assistance.

  1. They crave attention and validation, so they create a persona they believe is more likable and interesting.
  2. At times, emotionally manipulating someone is an ego boost for them. It makes them feel more powerful.
  3. In rare cases, catfishing is used to take revenge against someone who has wronged the catfisher.

Red Flags To Watch Out For:

🚩  The Picture-Perfect Profile:

They might often use overly filtered pictures or pictures of celebrities, often with minimal information on their profile.

🚩 The Reluctance Of  Video Chats

They'll refrain from video chats and will come up with excuses for why they can't meet virtually.

🚩 The Reluctant Socializer

They might be reluctant to connect on other social media platforms or have a limited online presence.

🚩 The Inconsistent Storyteller

Their stories may have inconsistencies or details that quite don't add up.

🚩 The Money Munching

They'll eventually ask for money, often under the guise of emergencies, travel costs or medical needs.

Not everyone who exhibits such characteristics is always a liar or a catfisher. However, if you notice a pattern then it's better to be cautious.

Trust Your Gut

Don't rush into anything. Gradually know someone before revealing too much.
Avoid moving communication to private messaging apps or sharing your phone number too early.
Do emphasize meeting in person.
Dating does not at all mean sharing money, a legitimate person won't for online money. 

Catfishing is a risk, but don't let it stop you from discovering love online. There are many genuine people seeking love online, focused on making connections with people who seem authentic. Also, make sure while making your profile to be very honest about yourself and what are you here for. ‌‌Make sure not to get too serious and attached initially, dating is fun and it's a process. You just can't jump into commitments.

Fostering relationships online feels difficult but it's okay to say no to video calls and certain topics until you are comfortable. Love bombing in dating should be a criminal offense. (when someone showers you with excessive affection early on) Don't give it your all, online dating shouldn't consume you.


Catfish,catfishing, dating, love, dating app, love advice, idyll
Harkirat Kaur Assi

‌A prominent catfishing case is of a South Asian woman named Kirat Assi, who dated a man who never existed for about 10 years. In 2009 she received a message from a handsome cardiologist called Bobby. Kirat was slowly reeled into Bobby's world and eventually duped into an intimate relationship with him. She went through a lot, she lost her friends, her career, was coerced and tricked. And when in 2018 the scam fell apart the catfisher was the one she was not expecting it to be. Someone close to her.

A very close friend of mine had experienced a similar episode where she was talking to this boy on a dating app she requested a video chat, but the person refused for a video chat and instead insisted on meeting in a bar.

Definitely a creep and probably a scammer.

I don't understand how someone can be so desperate for attention and love that they lose their mind and also how dumb of a person to perceive that the other person would believe them.

But to this question of mine I still remember this answer from a friend of mine when she told me “You can't judge, love is blind so it knows no bounds". Desperation for love due to rebound caused by heartbreak switches off the mind. Knowing this I sometimes connect it with the time I feel love for someone and when you feel helpless in love there are more like you

Swim Away Safely And Stay Fin-telligent!

Safeguarding yourself from catfishing requires a multi-faceted approach. Understanding the motivations behind catfishing, recognizing the red flags and trusting your instinct are crucial steps in protecting yourself online. By sharing the story of Harkirat Kaur Assi, we see the real- life consequences of falling victim to catfishing and the importance of remaining vigilant. Remember, your online safety is paramount, and by staying informed and  trusting  your intuition, you can navigate the digital world with confidence and authenticity.

To be tortured, abused, and belittled mentally or emotionally by anybody is beyond comprehension.

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