Don't Let Your Partner Know About This!

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Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?

Sharing things with your partner is important for a healthy and long lasting relationship. It also enhance closeness, openness, balance in love, and intimacy between you and your partner, but relationship privacy is also important.

It's not necessary to communicate every single detail, idea, hope, fear, or desire with your partner in order to be honest with them. In fact, in your relationship, being truthful can turn into a sword with two blades. Finding a balance in love is all about communication.

Knowing what to share and what not to share and when to share something is an important communication skill for couples to learn. It will be really helpful for the couples to nurture their relationship with love and respect and find a balance in love.

Secrets Vs Privacy

In a relationship, privacy and secrets are normally interlinked by a majority of people, but even if they look similar they have a very thin line of difference which is ignored by most of the people and they misunderstands secrecy by privacy. Both privacy and secrets plays a major role in maintaining a balance in love. So, it's really important to know the difference between secrets and privacy.


When we talk about privacy, we're talking about the boundaries that you create for yourself regarding your past, present, and future, excluding your relationship and your partner. It's not really important to share every detail of your life with your partner.

If it's something that your partner should know before committing, then do tell your partner, but if it's something that doesn't hold importance in your life anymore or if it's something you are not comfortable talking about, then there is no need to share it with your partner. At the end, it's all about finding a balance in love.

There are few things that one should know about privacy:
🐧Not being dishonest with your partner
🐧Doesn't break their trust
🐧Not being disrespectful, rude or annoying
🐧Healthy conversations
🐧Involves staying quiet and by yourself
secrecy, partner, private, love, dating advice, romance, idyll, idyll dating
Secrecy or Privacy?


However, secrecy refers to something you are intentionally keeping secret from your partner. Secrets usually indicate an intentional attempt to hide things or habits from your partner. Secrets might involve dishonesty or a betrayal of trust, whereas privacy is about setting personal limits.

Secrets can be anything from small, simple things, such as hosting a surprise party, to bigger, deeper things, like keeping financial problems. If you are keeping something hidden from your partner intentionally, then it is wrong. If the information is something that can create problems in the future, then the wise option is to give a hint about it to your partner. Balance in love can be achieved by open communication.

Things you should know about being secretive:
🦅 Dishonesty and miscommunication
🦅 Breaking your partner trust
🦅 Intentionally hiding things and misguiding your partner
🦅 Disrespecting them and saying damaging things
🦅 Toxic behaviour

It's necessary to keep in mind that in a relationship, you don't have to tell the other person everything.

In any relationship, keep the following in mind:

👾In every relationship, including those with your family, partner, and friends, you have the right to privacy.
👾No matter how small or big, you have the right to keep certain parts of your life private in any relationship if that is your choice.
👾It's also your right to have some alone time and time to yourself.
"Secrets in relationships or secret relationship is same, don’t hurt them move on.”

Is Being Honest Is The Best Policy?

There are several good reasons to hide something from your partner. You should not have to clarify yourself for keeping painful or embarrassing memories of your past to yourself and not sharing it with your partner. There might be a chance that the whole incident includes someone about whom you don't want to talk about or they might have asked you not to say anything about the incident to anyone.

Many couples who have been together for a long period of time have personal secrets with their partners that they haven't shared with each other to maintain that balance in love. For many people, having a private space and a feeling of self are important. It is important to know the difference between keeping something private and keeping something secret. It's all about maintaining a balance in love.

On the other hand, relationships based on honesty are believed to be built on honesty. Eventually, how can you trust your partner if you find it difficult to believe whatever your partner say? By definition, trust is a belief that someone is genuine and truthful. Trust is one of the building block of any relationship and finding a balance in love. It is important to find a balance in love life and in your individual life.

Apart from building faith, being honest can be useful:

Minimize anxiety and stress in the relationship.
✨Enhances connection and improves communication.
✨Expresses your love and respect for your partner.
✨Shows that you have enough faith in your partner in order to know personal details about you.
✨Enhances sense of self-control and overall fulfillment.
secrecy, partner, private, love, dating advice, romance, idyll, idyll dating
Be Honest 

The main aim of honesty is to build trust and let your partner understand that they can have faith in you. But this doesn't mean that you or your partner have to share every little thing and piece of information with each other. Find a balance in love and common ground between you and your partner.

Concentrate on sharing the facts in a way that doesn't affect both your relationship and your partner. Think of all the possible scenarios before revealing something to your partner. When deciding whether or not to reveal a secret, think about it and question yourself how will you react after hearing it.

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.

What Not To Keep Private?

If you are unclear about if you should share a secret you think is important to discuss, observe your own body language while keeping the secret hidden. Our body reacts to everything both physically and mentally. If you decide to keep something secret from your partner that you know that it is important for them to know you will anxious, stressed, sweating, and dizzy.

Secrets that one should not hide from their partner:

📝Having an affair
📝Legal problems
📝Job problems
📝Having an addiction
📝Lending money
📝Not paying bills
📝Not revealing an illness
📝Seeing family and friends secretly

Share Your Secret:

In order to maintain a balance in love, happy, loving, healthy and long lasting relationship it is important to be open with your partner about the things they should know about you before committing to a relationship. It is important to maintain transparency between you and your partner.

secrecy, partner, private, love, dating advice, romance, idyll, idyll dating
Communication is the key

In certain ways, you can share a secret which is hard to reveal to your partner:

🕰️Right Time:

It is very important to share such a delicate detail with your partner at the right time. Wrong timing is the worst case, if you reveal something at wrong time you will have to face the consequences. Never share your secret when your partner is tired or stressed. Share it during a normal conversation when they can think in the right direction.

🙅‍♀️No Excuses:

If you are sharing something which can hurt them then don't make any excuses and don't try to justify yourself at that specific moment. Your partner may feel like you don't respect and value them. If they questions you, be honest and don't lie about anything.

⭐Be Honest:

Tell them the secret with honesty and without making stories. Be straight forward but don't be mean. Be a listener in that situation rather than being a talker. Listen to what your partner has to say about this situation.


In a relationship, balance in love, transparency and honesty are important, but it's also necessary to understand that some things are better kept private. Building the relationship between couples can be achieved through respecting one other's personal space, respecting each other's boundaries, and maintaining individuality.

In the end, respect for one another, trust, and a understanding of one another's needs should serve as the base for decisions on what to reveal and what to keep private.

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