Handle Your Partner's Bestie ;)

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll
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Ah, the beloved girlfriend's bestie - the one who knows all your girlfriend's secrets, has been by her side through thick and thin, and can make or ruin your relationship with a few words.

In an ideal world, romantic relationship and friendships would coexist despite disagreements. Friends would adore your partner, and your partner would adore your friends; in short, it would be a massive love fest. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Is it okay if your partner does not like your friends? There's no question that it might cause problems in both your relationship and your friendship. After all, both your friend and your #squad are most important to you, and you're reluctant to compromise on either. But here's the thing: you don't need to.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll

Remember the iconic scene in "Bridesmaids" where Annie tries to win over Lillian's new best friend, Helen, with serious but hilarious consequences? Take a note from Annie (ignoring the chaos) and approach the bestie problem with a sense of fun and charm.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll
bridesmaid's here people!

If you've ever felt like you were walking on eggshells around your girlfriend's best friend, don't worry. We're here to help you overcome this friendship the stronghold!

A Guy's Guide to Befriending His Girlfriend's Bestie

➡️Accept The Bestie

First and foremost, accept your girlfriend's best friend as a part of your life. Remember that this individual is essential to your partner, therefore making an effort to get along with them will really benefit your relationship. Invite them out for drinks or offer a fun activity that everyone can enjoy together. Who knows? You might even become buddies!

➡️Openly Communicate

Communication is important in any relationship, including your relationship with your girlfriend's best friend. If something bothers you or there are any concerns that's  need to be addressed, don't be afraid to have an open and honest conversation with your girlfriend and her best friend. Early communication can help to avoid future misunderstandings.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll
communication is the key!

➡️Respect boundaries

While it's fine to be close with your girlfriend's best friend, you should also respect her boundaries. Avoid involving yourself in their personal affairs or interfering with their friendship. Remember that they had a connection before you entered the scene, so give them space when necessary.

➡️Find common ground

Finding common ground will help you enhance your friendship with your girlfriend's best friend. Whether it's a shared passion for sports, music, or movies, bonding over something you both enjoy can develop a sense of community and mutual respect.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll

➡️Be supportive

Your girlfriend's best friend is most likely a source of comfort and support for her, therefore it's critical that you support their bond. Encourage your partner to spend time with her best friend and be a listening ear when she needs to vent about her daily troubles.

➡️Plan group outings

Organizing group trips with your girlfriend and her best friend might be an excellent method to build your relationship with both. Spending meaningful time together outside of the typical routine, whether through a weekend getaway or a simple dine out, may help create great memories and long-lasting ties.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll
enjoy together!

➡️Express appreciation

In any relationship, including the one you have with your girlfriend's best friend, a little gratitude goes a long way. Spend some time thanking them for being in your partner's life and recognizing the beneficial influence they have on her wellbeing. A small act of kindness or gratitude can make a big difference for building goodwill.

➡️Establish Limits When Required

Although it's necessary to be understanding and kind to your girlfriend's best friend, there may come a point when establishing limits is required. Don't be afraid to have an honest conversation about what is and isn't acceptable if their behavior becomes disruptive or if their engagement begins to intrude on personal concerns between you and your girlfriend.

➡️Have Faith in Your girlfriend

Any good relationship, including the one you have with your girlfriend's best friend, ultimately revolves around trust. Have faith that your significant other appreciates and cherishes each connection separately, and that she will place a high priority in maintaining appropriate boundaries between them.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll
LOVE solves everything!

Suggestion for Girls If a Guy Can't Handle Their Bestie

✅Eliminate Control Concerns

The harsh reality is that not everyone you love and admire will feel the same way about you, and that's okay. It's not necessary for your partner and best friend to become best friends; you just need them to be courteous and understanding. It can work out perfectly if they're just a little lukewarm with one another. However, there's a difference between a conflict over your attention and a collision of egos. Observe how your partner responds to your friend and attempt to determine whether the problem is genuinely that you just don't like them. Your partner may be too possessive of you and dealing with deeper problems if they perceive your best friend as a threat. If it seems to you that this is the case, there may be a deeper issue with the foundation of your relationship.

partner's bestie, boyfriend's girl bestfriend, love, dating advice, idyll
never let this situation occur

✅How to Recognize Control Problems

If your boyfriend is not fond of your pals, he will likely come across as uninterested or, in the worst case scenario, irritated or exasperated with them. If your partner reacts more strongly, this is telling. Here are a few indicators that the issue is with your relationship, not with your pals:

If you spend time with your pals and your partner becomes irate with you
If they ask you to stop seeing your friends or get upset when you tell them about future plans, or if they are consistently unpleasant to your friends when you're together
If they don't even seem interested in getting to meet your pals (and brush them off without even giving them a chance)
If they constantly check in while you're out with pals and question you endlessly when you get home 

Any of these situations you find yourself in reveal a lot about your relationship. It could be necessary for you to have a more in-depth discussion about your relationship, your independence, and respect—or to end it completely.

✅Consider your partner's perspective

Complicated friendships are the best kind. It's possible for you to be in love with each other for a moment, drive each other crazy the next, and then instantly reconcile. Perhaps you've been at odds with them for weeks, or perhaps they've truly disappointed you. Try to keep in mind all of these subtleties and difficulties when you're attempting to comprehend the perspective of your companion.

It's really difficult to witness someone neglect the person you love, and even if you don't feel resentment, your partner has undoubtedly heard you occasionally complain about about how your closest friend has offended or hurted you. They frequently hear more about unpleasant points than the enjoyable ones, thus it makes obvious that this could irritate or irritate them.


✅Establish a Baseline

Being a good partner to you should be your partner's top priority, even if they don't like your closest friend. This includes, hanging out with your buddies. It doesn't mean you should expect them to start inviting your partner out on meetings and hang out all the time (we really don't encourage that), but you should be able to tell your partner why you think it's vital that they make an effort to get along, and they should be willing to respect that. In private, too, your partner ought to respect your best friend by not mocking her.

✅Examine the Actual Reasons They Do Not Get Along

In a perfect world, you and your best friend would click instantly, and you could run off into the sunset together, but that rarely ends up that way. Determine whether your partner is merely being sheepish or not truly understanding your best friend, or if they are afraid of your intimacy with your friend and there are control concerns at play. Talking to your partner and calling for a truce should be possible, as long as it's just a simple case of not getting along. They don't have to be in love with your closest friend, but they must be there for you when you need them, which means treating your friends with respect and sincerity.


Finally, remember to have fun! Embracing the lighter side of your relationship with the girlfriend's best friend can make all the difference, whether it's through inside jokes, outings, or just spending time together.

It doesn't have to be difficult to be a girlfriend to your boyfriend's closest buddy. You may effectively negotiate this particular dynamic while fortifying your connection with your partner and his friendship with his best buddy if you approach the situation with an open mind, clear communication, and a good attitude.

So, like the self-assured leader that you are, go forth and conquer your girlfriend's best friend!

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