Out of the Comfort Zone!

Life is full of opportunities to step outside the comfort zone, but grabbing hold of them can be difficult. With this thought let us know more about trying new things in a relationship.

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Step Out Of The Comfort Zone! 

Life is full of opportunities to step outside the comfort zone, but grabbing hold of them can be difficult. After all, if the feeling of comfort signifies our most basic needs are being met, why should we seek to abandon it?

Within the comfort zone, there isn’t much incentive for people to reach new heights of performance, and connect with other people. It’s here that people go about routines devoid of risk, causing their progress to plateau.
Who even wants to meet new people and get inspired for something new? maybe a startup? No no no, too much risk in that, what if it doesn't work? It could ruin the entire college life.

So many things to worry about, so many questions and doubts and fears that we can't get over. Some people might say that it's fine, they are just antisocial and an introvert. But, connecting with people is really important in your college days, it doesn't have to be particularly about college dating. Making friends, talking to seniors and alumni, and connecting with people from other colleges should be a goal for a college student.  

Not only will having a nice group of friends will make your college life more enjoyable and something that you will remember but also, you never know who can step in to help you when you need it.  

You will see opportunities everywhere once you look for them and having your people in need will only make it easier.

You must heard that love comes when it is meant to come, like it's a part of your destiny. Well, a college is like a hub for these types of destinies. Out of the school, people of the same age, people wanting to explore, and then those people find each other.

It becomes a problem when you find someone who might be a key to get you out of your comfort zone but you still can't fully trust and be open with them.

This scenario can escalate into a problematic relationship and lower your productivity in your peak development period. Won't it be great if you date a person who not only helps you become more confident but it's always has a sense of belongingness with them, this way it will increase your overall productive capacity and you will be motivated to do more and more.

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Get along!

The Art of Getting Along

People get along with each other based on interests and the connection that they share. In some cases, it just clicks, it's easy to communicate, and in others, it is not so easy to communicate even if you want to. Maybe the other person is cautious with whom to open up, lacks quality conversation, unavailability of time, and many other things. Here, many things are there that you can't control and many things that will make you avoid the person but some things can be fixed when dealt with in the correct way and help you understand them, maybe you'll end up finding the perfect partner for yourself.

Whatever you decide is the best way to get out of your comfort zone in your relationship, make sure to put it on the calendar and give yourself something to look forward to. Any new couple activity you see on the internet, any new cafe for a perfect evening date. College dating is supposed to be all about exciting dates and visiting new places as a couple. Even recreating a romantic scene that you once saw in a movie, anything that will make you feel happy and blessed to be in a relationship, because if not now then when?

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Things work great when you get along!

To-Do List:

Something Different!

Whatever you decide is the best way to get out of your comfort zone in your relationship, make sure to put it on the calendar and give yourself something to look forward to. When you try new things together you are creating shared experiences that are new and exciting, that shared excitement is a way to have both closeness and stimulation, which is a great combination for sparking things back up.

Sharing a new experience and making new memories will help you deepen the bond or the little park that you already feel is there with your desired partner.

Somewhere New!

Going somewhere new completely shakes up the relationship and I don't know anyone who doesn't love to travel. Not in the budget? Try to find some nice outdoor space nearby. Whether it's local or out-of-town, witnessing natural beauty together is very romantic. Even a quick park trip will do the trick. A nice surroundings, a fresh breeze, a quality time in the perfect weather with good food, that is it and now you just let nature work its magic into your relationship and beautify it.

Something Surprising!

New or old, couples try to create little surprises to make the other member happy like showing up for a date with your partner's favorite cookies or bringing a small gift that signifies an inside joke. Another great option? Take turns planning surprise dates. It reminds you how thoughtful your partner is and you're trying new and fun things together because, at the end of the day, it is the little things that matter the most. The details that you have memorized about your partner, their favorite things, and how they react to different situations, these little details are the key to a long-term relationship filled with smiles. If your relationship is feeling a little dull and lacking spark, try to go back to the time it had all the spark. Talking about those first impressions, awkward moments, and early days will inject some of that first love back into your relationship.

Something You Appreciate!

Sometimes you need both a reminder of why you love each other. It's important for your partner to hear it and it's important for you to say it. So if you're feeling stuck or stagnant, take a minute to remind yourselves why you're important to each other. Nobody wants to be taken for granted and it will help you reconnect and recharge your relationship. Tell them what you love about them, what things you like to do with them, how they make you feel. Being appreciated is what gives self-confidence to a person and they will really treasure the relationship if you appreciate them.

Something Intimate!

Physical closeness can make a relationship more fun and exciting, and can also help you gain confidence while dating especially when it comes to college dating. Young adults love to explore and try physical intimacy due to hormonal changes. It is advised to take precautions and be safe while getting close physically.

Gestures of Love

The Negative Impact of a Comfort Zone

The word 'comfort' does sound like a much-needed necessity in life and it is. But a 'comfort zone' is a disease, think about how many opportunities you might have missed because you got scared of rejection, didn't want to talk to a person, thought you could do it later, or just didn't want to leave your bed.

That is the ugliness of the comfort zone, the comfort gets to your head and you don't want to leave it. In college, all the people around you are hungry for opportunities, it is competitive, it's a race and you can't win a race if you don't leave the comfort of your bed.

When it comes to relationships, you might just want to lay in bed and talk to your partner even if they keep asking you to go out with them. You don't know it yet but your comfort can destroy all good things in your life and the things you can have.

The question is- will you let that happen?  

Your shyness might be cute to some people but it is not attractive for your life. College dating might be an experience to overcome this shyness, see the world with a different perspective, and face the harsh reality of life.


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