Old School Or Gen-Z: What Is Your Vibe?

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So Romantic!

In a world where dating apps dominate our new interactions and relationships starts with a swipe, it's easy to forget what we haven't experienced. Yes! you guessed it right, I'm talking about ‘old school romance’.

Cause who doesn't want the same love our parents had or the one we see in old movies? Well, let me give you a tour to help you understand what's your vibe when it comes to romance.

Old School Love

This term 'old school love' refers to the more traditional approach to relationship. It's the one we see in those old movies where a lot of courtship and chivalry takes palace with mutual respect and understanding.

Courtship and Chivalry

My dear girlies, I have a question to ask- have you ever felt those chills down your spine when he puts your hair and tucks it to the back of your ear? Or when he holds the door for you?

You did, didn't you?  I'll take that as a yes. Who doesn't like to be treated like a princess, right?  

Courting and chivalry refer to traditional ways of pursuing women. Both these terms emphasize men's courteous behavior toward women, it's basically all the act of kindness and protection that prioritized women's honor and well-being. So if you are someone who is easily impressed by these small gestures then maybe you're an old school lover.

Handwritten love letters and Gestures

romance, love, old-school love, dating, gen-z, relationships, idyll, idyll dating
GO!! Write one

Back in the good old days dating wasn’t child's play and phones were considered a luxury so not everyone could afford to have one in their pocket. So, the norm was to write letters and express their feelings by doing teeny tiny gestures such as dropping them to their home or cooking for them. People back then believed more in actions rather than words. They believed their partner would one day say ‘chahe tum kuch na kaho mene sun liya’.

At first, you might think that it's stupid to write your feelings on a sheet of paper or many of you might think that "I have the guts to say it to their face" but hey let's be honest you get all flustered and blank when you see their face and a quarter of what you thought you'd say, comes out.

He explained it better

That's exactly why you should; at least once in your life-time, write a love letter to your partner to tell them how important they are in your eyes. Doing so would also help you heal your relationship and trust me you'd be elated to see your loved one smile after reading that letter.

Gen-Z Dating

Gen-Z love is rapidly advanced and it doesn't hold much value. It's the more fluid approach to dating where casual and open relationships are the norm. This type of love is more explorative, expressive and comes with a lot of adrenaline rush.

Digital Connection and Instant Gratification

romance, love, old-school love, dating, gen-z, relationships, idyll, idyll dating
Too many options!

Currently, it’s easy for us to meet someone new and special on the screen because we have so many applications to help us connect with strangers who have similar vibes. For instance, it’s so easy to download a dating app and talk to someone on tinder, bumble, hinge or idyll but it comes with its own horror of digital rejection and ghosting.

The digital world provides us with a truckload of options so it’s way more convenient and fast but it also comes with its own challenges. But wait! Picture this, you have just matched with a really cute girl and you are replying to her as fast as you get her message but she is taking her sweet time to even see your message and it's getting more and more irritating, you might ask yourself how many guys is she talking to! We all know how irritating it is when we see that someone has left us on seen. And let me break it up to you- this scene is way more casual in the Gen-Z style of dating.

It’s easy to get connected on screen but it’s even easier to get ghosted and then all that is left will be to wonder ‘What did I do wrong or why should I get ghosted?’

Hook-up Culture and Casual Dating

romance, love, old-school love, dating, gen-z, relationships, idyll, idyll dating
Do what makes you happy

We are living in a world where hook-ups and casual relationships are the norm rather than the exception, and a no-strings-involved-sex sounds good when you don’t have the power to put efforts in dating but still want to experience the pleasure that comes with it. It’s as simple, as many of us want the feelings and actions of being in a relationship without wanting the actual relationship.

Hook-up culture provides us with the idea that we are freely indulging in a sexual and emotional activity with multiple people, without having to owe our loyalty to anyone and it’s also very easy to get out of these kinds of situations without any form of guilt because you didn’t commit to anything.

If you like to have a certain degree of freedom while dating and like to live in present without having to constantly worry about the future, and also want a relationship that is spontaneous and fulfills your sexual needs to a degree. Then, Congrats you are a Gen-Z when it comes to matter related to heart.

Cultural Shifts

In the past, everyone was romantically linked with only marriage as the ultimatum in their mind. But now it’s not necessary that if someone is going out they must be in love. Only a spoonful of people try dating with marriage in mind.

Looking back, guys were expected to be financially stable, chivalrous, and respectful. The ideal man would have been someone who could provide for and protect his partner. Whereas now, there’s a significant portion who are interested in casual relationships.

The ideal woman back then would be someone who would be supportive and family-oriented with few opinions. Women today are less constrained by traditional gender roles and may prioritize independence and personal fulfillment.

Back then women were extremely dependent on men and developed a sense of dependency and toxic loyalty to their partners. That being the era women were looked down upon and only seen as housewives who did not have any form of independence.

Gender roles that used to be rigid have become more and more fluid. Nowadays, Both men and women have the freedom to express themselves and both partners share the responsibilities and decision making.

What's Your Vibe?

Relationships are all about who you vibe with whether it’s someone who wants their love life just as it was in old movies or someone who is more up-to-date with all the trends. Although it is important who you vibe with, it is even more important what your vibe is.

Old-school love was more slow-paced and required commitment and loyalty whereas Gen-Z love is rapidly advanced, and is a more fluid approach to dating where there are many more situations like open relationships, casual dating, or friends with benefits. So, you have to think deeply about what you want and what choices are resonating more with you and your personality.

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