This is Your Sign To Move On!

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Ignoring the signs that a relationship needs to end can be tempting. But staying stuck can be even more damaging. Well, I firmly believe that staying in a stagnant relationship will hinder your growth, it might feel like being stuck in quicksand.

Ending a relationship when you love the other person, is tough but being stuck in that relationship, hoping for everything to work out somehow is not the best thing for you both. Ultimately, you are only clinging onto the false hope and rotten rope.

You might be thinking to yourself that this is just a phase that your relationship is going through and things are bound to work out, since you guys loved each other, right? Well, guess what you are just being delusional and living in your bubble. We'll do what we do best and that is to burst that bubble of yours and help you move on from this tiresome relationship.

Signs To Look Out For

We get it. Accepting a relationship's end is a painful truth but hear us out as we go on to tell you about the signs.

Constant Conflict and Unhappiness

Love shouldn't feel like a constant battle

Relationships are supposed to be fun, right? Like, I want to feel butterflies in my stomach every time I talk to him, won't you like that too? Although fights and disagreements are bound to happen, they are perfectly normal but the problem is when every single conversation turns into a screaming match.

Forget about those cute moments you used to have.
Endless bickering and arguments: If every conversation seems to turn into an argument, no matter how trivial the topic, you find yourself nitpicking, criticizing, and getting defensive over minor things. 
A Disappearing Spark: When physical intimacy feels forced, spending time together seems like a chore. And there's also a general lack of excitement and joy in the relationship.

Breakdown in Communication

Remember how you used to smile at their texts and whenever you heard your notification sound you hoped it was from them, but now your phone screen might as well be a ghost town. Now, all those heart-to-heart late-night conversations seem like a distant dream.

Move on, love, break up, love advice, idyll, idyll dating

Trying to have a face-to-face conversation seems forced and you walk on eggshells to not offend them. And how could I forget about those random topics we had to dig through to avoid that uncomfortable silence?

Connection breakdown is the worst!!
Radio Silence

When important topics are avoided altogether and open and honest conversation seems like a thing of the past. It's like being alone in the same room and the air starts feeling heavy. Or you could say drowning in air.

Feeling unheard and misunderstood

You are trying your best to tell your partner your feelings and emotions but they are missing the whole point. You feel that they don't care enough to try to understand your feelings. Β 

Emotional Distance

Without open and honest communication, there is no way in hell you two could connect on an emotional level. You will feel emotionally distant from your partner and you won't be able to tell them about your fears, dreams, and problems.

The Blame Game

If all your important conversations quickly turn into arguments, you may find yourself defensive about small things. It's like being in a constant loop of 'you did this' or 'that was your fault' where nobody is actually listening.

Then girlies this is your sign to move on from that shitty relationship.

Disparity in Efforts and Values

The One-Sided Struggle

Those Disney movies are so misleading, cause remember how they used to show that love is enough to sustain a healthy relationship, even when both of them had different values and never put in the same effort? Guess what reality sucks and there's no guarantee that putting in efforts to save your dying relationship will give any favorable results.

Things especially get tricky when we still love that person but the relationship feels totally one-sided, leaving us feeling that we are the only one putting in any effort. Been there, done that. (guiltyπŸ˜”)

Well, sweetheart the truth is love isn't enough to hold a relationship together and no matter how much you cry while staring at the ceiling, there is no changing this fact.

When you are the only one remembering birthdays and planning date nights, it's time to grab your shoes and run, please move onπŸ™. Β  Β 
Unequal Effort: You are the only one putting extra effort into initiating dates, hangouts, and conversations. Whereas your partner seems content with whatever you planned, it sometimes feels like you are dragging them and they don't want to come. 

If that sounds like your relationship, then I'm sorry but maybe it's time to 'let it go... let it go... you can't hold it anymore... ( read it as if it was Elsa singing this) but on a serious note, you should move on.

Loss of Trust and Respect

Trust and respect are the foundation on which love grows. but what happens when that trust is shattered by lies or betrayals, and all that respect somehow turns into possessive and controlling behavior?

Everything feels shaky and unstable, and you're just waiting for the whole thing to come crashing down, right?

It's heartbreaking when trust is broken. You used to feel secure and confident in your relationship, but now you find yourself constantly worried. Now, jealousy and possessiveness have become a constant in your relationship. And you feel insecure about their interactions with others.

  • Broken promises and lies: When the little white lies become way too frequent and not even a single ounce of honesty and transparency is left in your relationship.
  • Controlling Behavior: A healthy relationship will allow you to be free and let you grow, but when your partner constantly tries to control your behavior from what you are wearing to with whom you are going, it's definitely the time to move on. Β 
  • Disrespectful Communication: A healthy relationship involves respect, even during the time of disagreement. But if name-calling, put-downs, or insults become commonplace, it creates a toxic environment that erodes respect and intimacy.
Move on, love, break up, love advice, idyll, idyll dating

Honestly, I would never allow someone to talk disrespectfully to me, and even if it is a joke between friends you should learn to stand up and speak for yourself if it makes you uncomfortable, cause we can't always count on a knight in shining armor to come to save us.

It's OK to Move On

Although it was very easy for me to tell you to move on cause frankly I don't know you, nor what you are going through. But if you are seeing the signs I just told you about in your relationship, do you really think it's worth putting effort into that relationship?

And seeing these signs doesn't mean you have to end your relationship immediately. It is important to have an open and honest conversation first where you discuss all this, and if you feel them not taking this seriously then you should dump them cause they don't care. Β 

Move on, love, break up, love advice, idyll, idyll dating
You when leaving them
Holding on might do more harm than good

Remember, ending a relationship doesn't diminish the love or care you once shared. It simply acknowledges that sometimes, love isn't enough to sustain a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

You also don't have to feel guilty about the fact that you move on before them 
Move on, love, break up, love advice, idyll, idyll dating

If after the move on they come and beg to get back together, cause they just realise their mistakes now, please don't fall for it and remember all that you had to go through because of them.

How To Give Yourself Closure?
We get that it is harder to give yourself closure than to beg your ex for answers, but Idyll is here with steps on how you can deal with it.
Give yourself closure and end this chapter

Moving Forward With Strength And Grace

Breakups are a part of life, and they don't define you

Letting go can open the door to something new and amazing and now that you have realized how much your relationship sucked, it's time to move on and move forward with strength and grace- so dump them and take some time for yourself.

Go on a healing journey, take on some self-care strategies, and open up to allow yourself to fall in love again. Cause life's too short to waste it on others.


Breaking up is hard, but holding onto a relationship that's no longer healthy can be harder. Remember, you deserve a love that uplifts you. While you try to move on try to focus on yourself cause you deserve it, and who knows, maybe something even better is waiting for you just around the corner.

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