Love Lessons From The Lecture Hall!

College is more than just lectures and textbooks; it's a crash course in love and relationships. Our Professors are full of knowledge regarding college romance. Whether it's poetry or a novel. Whether it belongs to Classic or Modernism it is embedded with a lot of insightful knowledge of Love.‌‌

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Things That The Professor Teaches You!

Things That College Teaches You About Love.❤

Each and every student has a lot of aspirations from their college life. Although college is of a very short tenure it extensively teaches one about a whole tapestry of topics. The Professors also play a prominent role in doing so. They give us a whole bunch of dating advice which makes us a better individual altogether!‌‌

Professors Navigating Dating:-

Irrespective of the course you’re studying each course, each paper is not limited to theoretical or academic knowledge. Rather, it expands to the practical components of life.

Being a Literature student I’ve realized not only my course but also my Professors are full of knowledge regarding college romance. Whether it's poetry or a novel. Whether it belongs to Classic or Modernism it is embedded with a lot of insightful knowledge of Love.‌‌

The Professors analyze the text with a tincture of their personal life experiences.‌‌

Major Love Lessons From Lectures:-‌‌

“Letting Go Of Expectations”

Love is all about letting go of emotions. This dating advice was told by one of my female professors. She also emphasized why one shouldn't expect. According to her, when we expect something from our beloved. Our partner is not aware of our expectations as they are just limited to our mind. So, we keep on making a utopia of expectations in our minds and when our partner is not able to fulfill them. It breaks our bubble and hurts like nothing else.

‌‌This made me realize that rather than expecting from my loved ones I should express my feelings to them.

“Where There's Love, There's no Fear”

‌‌My Professors have also taught me that where there's true love. There's no room for over Possessiveness or Jealousy. Often we tend to develop fear of losing our people. But, due to this notion we often make mistakes and end up losing people. So, in one's heart either of the two can exist either Love or Fear.

‌‌So, choose your option wisely!

‌‌“LOVE Should Be Unconditional”

‌A very important person in my life once said. What one needs in their life is not just Love, but unconditional Love. It's an emotion which is not conditioned by any needs or wants whether emotional, physical or social. It's all about loving the person wholeheartedly and truly. It's all about loyalty cemented by trust.

‌‌And the epitome of this Unconditional Love is my beloved Radha Krishan Ji!

‌‌“Love Is More Than Just A Feeling”

‌‌Love is for sure more than just a feeling. As feelings are a very short and temporary state which won't last for a longer period of time. Rather, Love is an emotion. A long lasting state of mind which keeps on enhancing and evolving. If we consider it as a feeling, it will surely have an expiry date and will end one day or the other. On the other hand, Love is an action which has to be kept on evolving and adapting every aspect of life.

‌‌Love is more than being on Cloud 9!

Feeling of love,emotion
Feeling of Love

‌‌“Love Is All About Prioritizing”

‌‌Priority however sounds very simple, it holds a whole tapestry of efforts and emotions in it. It's easier to say to someone that “You’re my priority”,  but very difficult to stick with it. Love is about leaving all the other ways to follow the path of that one person. To leave everyone else to be with that one person. It's all about keeping each other at the topmost position. It's about facing the anguish and admiration all together.

‌‌Dating advice also comprises teaching prioritization!

‌‌“Love is focusing on quality, not quantity”

‌‌Love focuses on the quality of your relationship, not its longevity. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?” Just because your relationship lasts a long time doesn’t mean that you have true love. Real love can be very brief. Therefore, quality and quantity of love are not the same things.

‌‌“Love Is Expressed In Various Ways”

‌‌I’m sure you must’ve heard about ‘Old School’ and ‘Modern’ Love troops. But, Love troops aren't limited to such genres, they are much more diverse. Every individual has their own unique way of expressing themselves. Some express their love through actions, some through anger, some through care, some through ignorance and some through jealousy.

Love in college, college love,expressing love
Professors On Love!
‌‌Love is multi-dimensional!

‌‌‌‌“There Aren't Any Standards Of Love”

‌‌Like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Love also lies in the eyes of the Beholder. I know we live in an era where there are certain ideal boys and ideal girls who are presented as worthy of love. But, it's not the truth. There aren't any conventional notions to Love or to be loved. Every person is unique, so their way of loving is also unique!

‌‌“There Is No Ideal Beloved”

‌‌An ideal beloved doesn't exist. You are not going to wake up one day and find an ideal lover who's going to be your Prince Charming. Rather, you’ll find a suitable person one day and gradually you are going to mold your standards of ideal lover and he or she will fit into those.

‌‌“Loving Doesn't Allows You To Continue A Relationship”

‌‌You can love someone very much but at the same time you might end your relationship with them. This scenario is often seen in marriages where two people do love each other but due to their lack of compatibility a lot of times they mutually decide to separate. But, holding onto a relationship for such a long time until it doesn't get toxic is also not a good idea.

‌‌This is one of the most painful experiences one can ever undergo.

‌‌“Love Has No Place For Betrayal”

‌‌A person in love suffers a lot of turmoil silently for the sake of their bond. But, one thing which a true lover can never digest in their life is betrayal. Cheating is always an option and not a compulsion. When you cheat someone who has always prioritized you or has ignored thousands of mistakes of yours. The person's heart is broken. It eats away all the happiness which the bond used to cater once. After this, the relationship can't last long.

‌‌This is a major reason why people end up regretting Love.

‌‌‌‌“Love Requires Attention”

attention, love,spend time
Love needs attention

‌‌When you love someone, you should express it. A lot of times people feel the need to address Love every now and then. The other person knows the answer. But this is not a great thing to do. Love needs to be addressed. It requires expression. You should give attention to the people you love always and forever.

‌‌“Love Could Be Lowkey”

‌‌Love doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be lowkey as well. The facial expressions, small gestures, and honest gifts can also be Love. There's no need to expect and desire something extravagant. Love is even felt by a simple eye contact or actions of compassion.

‌‌“One Sided Love Is Also Love”

‌‌I know when we talk about Love a lot of times the first image which comes to our minds is of a cute couple. But, it doesn't mean that the love which doesn't take to the next level is of no value. One sided love is in fact the most selfless form of love.

‌‌“Love Is All About Letting Go”

‌‌I know in the era of "Abhi Na Jao Chod Ke" talking about letting go is painful. Letting go is one of the most genuine dating advice one could ever get as love is all about letting go. Letting go of the person you love is the most difficult thing to do. But, when you let them go because you know their priorities have changed and you can't force them to stay. It shows your intensity of love and practicality for them. Ending relationships on such a note is not really great. But, this dating advice is damn true and the most genuine one my professors have ever given to me.

‌‌“Love Yourself”

‌‌Everyone talks about loving family, partner, friends, kids but no one talks about loving themselves. On top of that, doing something for one's own happiness is considered a waste of time or selfishness. But, this ain’t the truth. Before keeping everyone else above you. You should prioritize yourself

‌‌Love yourself, stop chasing people the right ones will always follow!
Love yourself, self love, Alia bhatt
Loving Yourself Is Not Being Selfish!

‌‌“Always Love God”

‌‌One of my professors once emphasized that in this era of unconstant love. The only Love which can actually make you feel complete and give you peace is God’s love. So, when you feel you aren't able to get the love of your life. Don’t fall for something casual. Always trust in God and love Him from the bottom of your heart.

‌‌And I personally feel this dating advice should be followed by each and every individual.


‌‌After getting a lot of dating advice from the experienced professors, life surely feels a bit sorted. It helps students to heal their wounded hearts. To wisely chose their partners, to stay consistent with your emotions.

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