Love: Expectations vs. Reality

Love: Expectations vs. Reality
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“Dear love, what you expect from me is my expectation from you.”

Love is a beautiful feeling everyone has, even if it's for any person, any animal or anything love is in everyone, it's like a feeling of heaven that gives you a reason to live your life every day. But love is not the same for everyone. Expectations and reality change it. Every person has expectations and has to face reality on its own. Every person has a different meaning of love for someone love is silent, for someone love is like cold winds blowing over their hair and feeling the essence of it. Sounds really unrealistic right? Cause it is unrealistic love is something that anyone can never guess.

We all have many expectations about how our love life we want to have but does it really happen? Sometimes yes sometimes no because expectation and reality change your way of thinking. It always depends on you, whom you are choosing to be with is it really your type or not well you can find it by talking to them in IDYLL. Cause the more you'll know about your partner the more you'll be sure about your expectations to be fulfilled.

So now, let me ask you something, what are your expectations of love? and What you really face in reality. is it really the same? Just think for a while that after watching movies, TV shows, dramas reading romantic stories, listening to romantic songs etc. etc. whatever you do, what your expectations have made you. They have built an imaginary wall on your mind which you never want to come out from. Love in reality is way more different but only one side, the sweet side of it. Whenever we talk about expectation and reality it's very much complicated to get into a decision.

Love is not just having a date, sweet talks, gifts, surprises, and sharing love but it also has bad days, mood swings, fights, jealousy, and some habits you don't like about them. It's also a phase of love life. People always forget that expectations and reality are a part of life and we are the ones who can control it with our mindfulness.

People always get confused about this but let me tell you one thing what you see on the screen is not the whole it's just a part, expectations and reality differ at this point, when you start your life with someone, things will not always go like you want cause there are two people, two ideas, two identity, two choices, two different expectations but one single reality. People always want to live in their expectations but they have to face reality.

There's a fine line difference between expectations and reality but people always mix that up as per their comfort.

So let me help you out of it……

If you want your partner to be in a good mood with you even if he/she has a hectic day, to talk sweetly to you all the time to call you by sweet nicknames even if he/she doesn't like them, to remember your birthday, anniversary, first kiss, first date, etc. etc., to give his/her most of the time to you, to spend money on buying you gifts and giving you surprises etc., then it's your expectations and if you want your partner to do these things just because you like it without caring even if he/she likes to do it or not then it's not love it's just forcing your love and yourself on him/her. Things never always be like this in reality.

Expectations and reality can never be the same all the time like you want. But there are also some expectations that are genuine and that can be real, like if you want your partner to love you, and care for you even though sometimes it can be real if you want him to cuddle you, make you feel relaxed after a busy schedule then it can be real. Like, he can cook for you sometimes he/she can walk with you at late night, he can make the baby sleep at midnight cause she's tired it's totally fine to think like that cause it is what people do when they love someone.

Expectations and reality are two different things but they are definitely interrelated.
Expectations are sweet imagination of yours but reality is a beautiful truth.

Expectations and reality in love are like a plant of a rose, expectations are petals and reality is the thorns but people always forget that the thorns are protecting the petals like reality is protecting your expectations and you from getting hurt.

And if we are talking about expectations and reality then we should also talk about 'lust'. I know you'll feel like how lust is related to expectations and reality but the thing is lust has always been an expectation of people. Like, we are living in a generation where the one-night stand is a piece of cake. So how can we not talk about lust?

Today not every but some want to be in a relationship to fulfill their desires and lust which is an expectation of them but not everyone is ready for the things so they start forcing themselves on themselves to fulfil their desires and that's reality. Like if you're seducing your partner even after knowing that he/she is not ready then it can be a  red flag in your relationship.
Look not everything you watch is always true people get influenced by some things and make wrong decisions. They forgot the difference between expectations and reality.

People are fighting with their own selves, their mind, their thoughts cause now they aren't able to control their own desires and that's the time when they forget what expectations and reality means in life.
But sometimes expectations are so innocent that even reality doesn't hit hard to that's an adorable part of love life where everything seems beautiful, your expectations and reality both.

I know till now you've been confused about how can we differ in expectations and reality.

So let me make you understand by real-life experience, cause you to know life is a great lesson.

When I get into the teenage phase my expectations are also very much sweet, cute, and adorable as I have seen on the screens. But then I got into a relationship with a close friend of mine, we had feelings for each other but not the same as I had the genuine feeling of love which I had expected but he had lust and desires to fulfil and here as we say expectations and reality differ. Mine too differs there like I haven't expected much but there can be sweet talks, some meets, some good texts, hugs, watching movies together while cuddling ourselves, and that's what were my expectations but in reality, he just wants to fulfil his sexual needs. It's not like I wasn't ready for that I would love to devour myself to him but when I got to know about his true intentions I stepped back cause I never wanted to give my V card to someone who didn't care about my feelings and just wants to hook up with girls. For me expectations and reality were different but it doesn't mean I'll never fall in love again, he was my bad past but I'm waiting for someone to be my beautiful future. And you know what my expectations and reality are different but will be the same in future.

And now I just wanna say:
Find a love for you who will not just carry you but can also carry your love, anger, mood swings feelings, pride, your ups and downs situation till the very end.

Happy Dating!

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