Similar Interest To Be Compatible?

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Let's get on with the compatibility test!

Let's admit it. We all love the "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" movie, and every time we watch that movie, we all root for "Bunny and Naina." Well, well, Bollywood has surely raised our expectations for love on a very different tangent. But, at the end of the day, we all need someone.

Bhagwan ji, ek bunny toh mai bhi deserve karti hu 🥹.

Is it just Bollywood, or in real life, do two people with significantly different personalities also fall in love with each other? To find out the answer to this question, let's dive straight into a fun conversation about "compatibility."

Compatible Or Incompatible?

In a relationship, compatibility refers to how well two individuals get along and acknowledge one another. It's about sharing similar interests, future plans, having similar principles, and having good communication skills. Being able to acknowledge and value one another's dissimilarities rather than being exactly alike is what it means to be compatible.

In the movie "Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani," Bunny and Naina are like two opposite poles. The character of Bunny is portrayed as an extroverted, fun-loving, and mischievous guy, and on the other hand, the character of Naina is portrayed as an introverted, shy, and nerdy girl who falls for a guy like Bunny, who is completely opposite of her. But, in the end, Bunny also falls head over heels in love with Naina.

She fell first, but he fell harder 🥰.
compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice, YJHD
"Tu right nahi hai Naina, bas mujhse bahut alag hai."

Well, in science, it is said that opposite poles attract each other and like poles repel each other. Is it applicable to the love life too? Compatibility doesn't mean that you have to be completely similar to or completely opposite of your partner.

A couple is said to be compatible when two people who are together complete each other by being with each other. A person with an entirely opposite persona is like an open door to your soul. While, a person with similar interests and same personality is like your reflection in a mirror.

Bollywood Movies:

Bollywood movies are truly the best example of the "opposites attract theory." We will all agree on this: the way Bollywood visualizes that couples do not need to have similar interests to be compatible is the best way possible to justify this thing. It does look like the "opposite attracts" trope is best loved by the filmmakers.  Here is a list of my favorite Bollywood movies with the most mismatched couples:

Jab We Met:

Do I even have to say anything about this movie? I mean, who doesn't love this movie? As we all know, the story line revolves around a fun-loving, adventurous, young, and outgoing woman named "Geet" and a gloomy, over-thinking businessman named "Aditya." These two characters were poles apart from each other, but when someone is in your destiny, no external force can stop you from being with them. They completed each other with the love they had for each other.

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compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice, Jab we met
Be my Aditya, I'll be your Geet

I Hate Luv Storys:

I don't hate love stories; I love them from the bottom of my heart, but let's talk about this movie, "I hate luv storys." This movie is a mix of a little bit of drama, disputes, and romance. On one side, we have Jay, who does not believe in the concept of soul mates and one true love, and on the other hand, we have Sonam, who is a complete old-school lover girl. This movie is perfect to watch if you want answers regarding compatibility.

compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice, I hate Love Storyes
Bahara, bahara.......

The subject of whether or not a couple needs to share interests in order to be compatible comes up frequently in relationships. Although having similar interests might strengthen a bond, it's also common to believe that opposites attract. Let's discuss this topic by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these scenarios.


Shared Activities:

When you and your partner have similar tastes and share similar interests in certain activities, you just immediately click with each other. You will surely enjoy engaging in activities together. Most importantly, you will have the best of the best dates.

compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice
Let's visit KNMA and call it a date

Mutual Understanding:

Understanding is the foundation of any relationship. When you and your partner have similar interests, there is a common ground on which you and your partner can build and nurture the relationship. With shared interests and thoughts, it will be a lot more easier to engage in meaningful conversations and relate to each other.

Support And Encouragement:

We all need someone who can support us and reassure us in every situation. Someone who is just there to encourage you and cheer for you when you are doing something for the first time. When you share a common interest with someone and they know how important something is for you because it is important for them as well, they will surely support you in doing it. They will be the people who will be there to encourage you and cheer for you in a room full of people.

Complementary Traits:

It's possible for partners who are complete opposites to have traits that enhance one another. To create a balanced equilibrium in the relationship, one partner can be outgoing and the other one can be reserved. This will not only balance out the relationship, but it will also help both individuals grow and experience everything individually.

Learning And Growth:

When you are with someone who is completely opposite of you and lives an entirely different life, it gives both partners a scope to learn something new to both the partners. You and your partner can engage in conversations about each other's interests, and who knows, you may will also develop a liking for their interests and hobbies. When you and your partner are opposite of each other, you always have the opportunity to introduce your partner to new activities, ideas, and many more things.

Balance in the Relationship:

Having a partner who is completely opposite from you can be very adventurous, as one partner can be more spontaneous while the other one can be a little more organized. It can create a sense of stability and balance out the relationship, making the it healthy and loving.

compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice
Pro Tip: It's all about finding a balance


Lack Of Individuality:

Sometimes having similar interests can result in forgetting one's individuality in the relationship. It may look like you don't have an identity when you are with your partner, as your partner is almost similar to you. It's important for both partners to have their own separate identity and separate individuality to sustain a healthy relationship. To feel like yourself, it's really important to have individual hobbies and interests apart from the relationship.

Limited Exposure:

When you and your partner have similar interests, there are chances that, at some point or another, boredom will surely hit you and affect your relationship. Having similar interests and hobbies limits your exposure to new adventures. To keep your relationship new and fresh, it is really important to include new ideas and interests from time to time.


Depending too much on common interests and expecting the same thing from your partner is not a good thing for your relationship. It will become very unhealthy and toxic. It's important to have a life outside of your relationship as well. Shared interests and hobbies are just one way to get to know your partner; there are many other ways also in which you can bond with your partner.

compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice
Dependency can be suffocating sometimes


Having different viewpoints, interests, and hobbies can be a reason for dispute between you and your partner. It's really important to communicate properly to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. It will take more time and understanding to build and sustain a healthy and long-term relationship.

compatibility, love, dating, idyll, idyll dating, similar interests, couple, love advice
Talk. It. Out.

Challenges In Compatibility:

It is true that "opposites attract", but do you know that a long-term relationship, it will be difficult and full of challenges? In the starting phase of relationships, it may look cute, but at some point, we all want someone who just gets us in a click. But this doesn't mean that you cannot nurture your relationship. It's important for both partners to keep their differences separate and communicate effectively with each other.

Opposites attract is more a scientific principle than a romantic one.


In conclusion, while having similar interests helps strengthen a bond between people, compatibility can be determined by other factors as well. It doesn't really matter if a couple is the opposite of each other or has similar interests—what counts is that they can respect, understand, and be there for each other. A satisfying and happy relationship can result from a good mix of individual and common interests, good communication, and respect for one another.

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