Impact of social media on dating in college

Impact of social media on dating in college
Impact of social media on dating in college blogs by idyll college dating app. college dating app in delhi.

Social Media- a very important part of one’s life today. College students and social media are a pair stuck in a loop. In this blog, we will see how social media impacts dating in college.
Dating in college has always been a hot topic to be discussed. Our modern society is now involved in dating and all stuff a lot and that's why dating has evolved and become a trend in society. Now dating has evolved digitally. We can meet our compatible partner online just by text and a profile in dating apps.
Especially college students who have a craze for dating in their surroundings. But they do have to be careful too because the digital world is making things easier for us but also is dangerous.
But as we say precautions are better than cure. We follow it because not only in the digital world danger is everywhere but it doesn't mean we will stop ourselves, it means we just have to be careful of ourselves.

Social media:

Social media and the internet are the platforms where you can find the whole world, connect with the world, find solutions to every problem, do your work easily, and make life way more easier, comfortable, and accessible etc. If I start to count every good and bad on the internet, then this blog is way shorter to express fully so we will not get into that part.
If we talk about social media's role in dating, then nowadays the whole concept of dating relies on social media and the internet.
Social media platforms allow people to meet, connect and allow them to interact and find their potential partners whom they haven't met before.
You meet new people and learn about different people which makes you learn many things, know many things about different cultures, patterns, thoughts, rituals, perspectives, interests, personalities, hobbies etc. just by a profile of someone and talking to that person. Isn't it fascinating?
Social media has made communication easier. You can talk to someone you like or find attractive even if they are far away from you without even meeting them.
But it does sometimes harm people so we need to be careful of fraud and all that stuff because people have thousands of ways to cheat.
If something is facilitating you then it does have something to put you in danger too. Because with something good something bad also comes.
People may judge others by seeing their profile and create imaginary expectations of that person but in reality, it's totally different which later hurts their feelings and can be misleading in dating.
Social interactions have made people interact physically less. Also, people use social media to harass people and harm their feelings.
Seeing perfect couple goals on the internet and social media creates misconceptions in minds and creates jealousy and insecurity between them.

Dating in college:

Dating in college and social media often go hand in hand in today's modern digital world. Social media plays a vital role in how college students meet, date and often get into a relationship with someone of their compatibility. Both of these intersect each other in many ways and places.

Meeting and connections:

College students and other people use dating apps to meet their potential partners and find people of their interests on these websites. Also, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are very famous where they find people through mutual friends and interests.

Getting to know each other:

After meeting with someone or to meet someone people use social media platforms to find out about them by seeking inside their profiles and DM's. They follow each other and talk with them on social platforms to make a connection and get a chance to date someone.
People do find people who are far away from them but they date because their interests match and sometimes these types of relationships last long till the very end.


Social media apps, dating apps, and many messaging apps are used frequently almost in everyday life to communicate with loved ones and also liked ones.
Many people have found their partners and soulmates on social media platforms. And dating apps are also one of them. Dating in college is a popular theme to discuss, people connect with each other from a far distance and still fall for each other because of the facilities provided in the dating apps to know each other so much that they decide to connect a bond stronger that no one can break.

Relationships status:

Some people decide to declare their relationship status publicly to get fame or to let people know about it. But it does sometimes worsen their relationship. Because after declaring their relationship publicly people do judge their relationship and a stereotype of being a perfect couple can create problems in your relationship. Before declaring your relationship publicly you have to know that nothing is perfect, you make things perfect in your own way.

Maintaining long-distance relationships:

Social media and the internet have made long-distance relationships easier for people. For college students social media acts like a lifeline in long-distance relationships. It has helped bridge the gaps created by long-distance relationships.  Dating in college is quite tough for those who are in long-distance relationships but today video calls, phone calls, texts, sharing photos and videos etc. have made it quite easier and suitable for them.

Impact of social media on dating in college:

As of now, we have talked about so many things about social media and dating. But as we say with something good something bad comes too. So, social media on dating in college also has a good and a bad side which we will discuss here.

Pros of social media and dating in college:

Let us look into the pros of social media-

Increased accessibility:

Social media platforms make it easier for college students to meet their potential partners and not only partner but also expand their social group. Because dating not only makes people meet their partner but also makes some good friends. It helps in expanding their dating pool beyond their social circles and meeting new people.


Social media helps students interact with people of the same interests, which increases the chance of finding compatible partners for them. People connect to each other on social media platforms and create a special bond, which sometimes turns into friendship and sometimes relationships.


Dating in college isn't an easy thing, we meet many people and knowing about all of them is next to impossible. So small research about the one we want is easy with the help of the internet. You can get a lot of relationship advice from social media before meeting that person. Helping you to make more informed choices.

Support and advice:

Online communities and relationship advice resources are very helpful and a good sources to be informative and knowledgeable so that you can be aware of toxicity and a toxic relationship.

Sharing memories:

Social media is the most usable source in today's world to share memories with each other. Whether you are a couple or a friend or of any relation you share memories to last a long them. Couples share their memories which makes their bond stronger even when they are in a long-distance relationship. Memories are created and shared to last long together till the very end.

Cons of social media and dating in college:

Social media helps people in many ways. We have discussed it till now but if it's good it's bad too, if it's a problem then its solution is also the same. Social media is the problem of society and social media is the solution too.


Social media has fixed standards of beauty, physical appearance, grades, personality, success etc. That's why people nowadays aren't always satisfied with themselves. All are running to meet perfection one day but they are forgetting that perfection doesn't have any meaning, the word perfection isn't perfect. You are perfect in your own way, you make your meaning of perfection. No need to be like someone, be who you are.


People always show their best version to others on social media. Which isn't the real themselves, who they really are. Which creates a misconception in people when meeting in person.

Reduced face-to-face interactions:

Social media has influenced people badly in some ways. People are addicted to it. They are so involved in it that they have forgotten to live their life out of it. They have forgotten to interact from person to person. They have forgotten the feeling and importance of having someone's physical appearance and attention. Social media has reduced the opportunities of face to face interactions.

Comparison and jealousy:

Some people show their relationship publicly and as I said earlier people show their best version of themselves, so they also represent their best memory and version of their relationship. And because of this people start comparing their life with theirs. Here, the problem is people forget the difference between real life and real life. When they start comparing their lives, problems start to make their way into your life. Jealousy and comparison are one of them.


Thus, as we come towards the end of the blog, it can be said that social media has a huge impact on dating in college. It depends on the nature of a person and how one uses social media to make the most of dating in college. Use carefully, and have fun!

Happy Dating!

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