How to protect your mental being while dating online?

How to protect your mental being while dating online?
How to protect your mental being while dating online? blog by idyll college dating app. Dating for college students. Dating app in delhi.

Online dating can be a very hectic task.

Going through different waves of emotions can sometimes mess with our minds and mental state.

It is very important to safeguard your mental well-being because, at the end of the day, everyone is responsible for themselves.

Here is a story that will make it easy for you  to understand the approaches to follow while dating online.

It was the end of 2022.

While the whole world was swimming in the ocean of online dating, Ruchika was someone who never tried online dating after breaking up with her high school boyfriend.

Ruchika’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend was something that always disturbed her—both physically and mentally!

Eager to date again after being in a good state of mind, she started making her profiles on different online dating apps.

As Ruchika swiped through different profiles, she felt uncertain but pretty excited.

She was smart enough to understand that online dating was not going to be easy for several reasons. She had heard stories of the different challenges that come with online dating.

Now, Ruchika has built herself up physically. Keeping in mind her previous relationship, she was ready to approach the online dating world by prioritizing her mental well-being at every step.

Chapter 1: The Boundary Setting

After hearing stories of how people spend hours scrolling through profiles, Ruchika set a healthy boundary while scrolling online.

She kept a tight schedule of no late-night scrolling and not spending excessive hours swiping left and right. By doing this, it helped her avoid getting lost in the pool of profiles and match them according to her self-worth. This saved her time as well as protected her from doubting her own worth.

The routine of self-discipline and setting good boundaries helped her stay in control while dating online.

Chapter 2: The Mindful Approach

Who doesn't get a match after swiping through different apps? Ruchika got a match too! Ruchika was matched with an individual named Anshul. Ruchika and Anshul engaged in a conversation.

Here, she applied the technique of the mindful approach. Instead of talking about random and silly things, she focused on meaningful conversations. This helped her check her compatibility with Anshul and saved both of their time.

By applying this approach to online dating, she not only saved her mental well-being but also helped her discover meaningful topics.

Chapter 3: The Expectations Era

Continuing her journey of dating in a modern way, Ruchika faced little moments of self-doubt and insecurity. Online dating is about finding the right connection.

Sometimes, Ruchika caught herself expecting something or other from dating or her matches. She kept her expectations under control by understanding the possibility of both success and setbacks in online dating.

By doing this, she protected her mental health and saved herself from carrying the emotional baggage that comes with online dating.

Chapter 4: The Virtual Shelter

Ruchika has the personality of not trusting people so easily. Therefore, she came up with the idea of building a virtual shelter—virtual dates.

She and her matches got creative with video calls. They used to talk over video calls, have movie nights, play online games, and cook together in their separate kitchens.

Ruchika did this so that before meeting her matches on an offline date, she could build a little sense of trust. She established a safe space for herself instead of going through the trauma of a bad first offline date.

Chapter 5: The Support System

Having a supportive friend group is very essential in life. Ruchika had a group of friends too.

Whenever thoughts of self-doubt or insecurity troubled her, she used to have an open conversation with her friends. Ruchika’s friends gave her immense support and guidance on how to handle herself.

This support system helped Ruchika act rightfully in the process of online dating. She became more and more confident, facing the highs and lows like a pro!


"I protected my mental health by following the simplicity of all such rules.

After swiping through so many profiles left and right, I understood that Anshul was someone who cared to help me build up a good mental being. Keeping in mind all my lessons from my past relationship, I apply them to my relationship with Anshul.

I believe in the theory that, since forever ain't forever, let's just vibe till whenever.

This helps me be wise with my words and actions."

Ruchika’s story is a guide to protecting our mental state while dating online. It is very important to prioritize yourself before others. If you keep in mind these approaches, it will go a long way.

Be healthy even while you are dating your perfect soulmate!

Happy Dating!

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