How Do You Build Long-lasting Friendships?

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The Art Of Friendship 

What do you think of when you think about building a long-lasting friendship with someone?

“Pyaar dosti hai, Love is friendship”, even the king SRK said it himself!

Whenever we talk about love, people always say my first love is my family, but today, teenagers spill their secrets more to their friends than to their family. Do you know why?

They know who will understand their problem well. Parents always compare their child with others, which makes the child lose trust in their own parents, but a true friend of yours will understand it, and then the bond deepens as time goes on, which we further call long-lasting friendships.

As it says, the first step to loving someone is friendship, because we get to know a person more closely in friendship than in a relationship. There's always an awkwardness at the beginning of a relationship, but long-lasting friendships start with openness. It doesn't matter how many people you talk to every day, but there's always someone special who knows your every secret and everything about you, like your habits, your choices, your likes and dislikes, your red and green flags, etc. That's what we call long-lasting friendships or forever bonds.

In long-lasting friendships, the bond always seems like destiny or magic, but it's not like that; it has taken many years for them to build a bond so strong. Long-lasting friendships are something that people crave, even before love. The first stage of loving someone who's unknown to you is friendship, which later becomes a long-lasting friendship.

All people have to-do lists and expectations they want to fulfil with their partner, but only the lucky ones get long-lasting friendships where they fulfil their to-do lists and expectations. The purest, most trusting relationship we can have with someone is a long-lasting friendship.

Long-lasting friendships are something everyone wants to have in their lives.

People always address their parents as if they'll solve all their problems, but they forget that a long-lasting friend will not solve your problems for you but will be there with you and will make you solve your problems on your own because they understand that no one will help you all the time and that you are the one who should help yourself in your problems. Parents have an emotional bond, so they want to protect their child, but in long-lasting friendships, they want you to face your problem and solve it on your own because no one will help you forever. Long-lasting friends always think practically when it comes to friendship.

Now A Question Arises: How Can We Make Our Bond Strong Enough For Long-lasting Friendships?

From my perspective, long-lasting friendships are something that doesn't want perfection; they're unique in their own way. Nothing is perfect in this world, and if you are having fights, queries, problems, or misunderstandings in your friendship, it doesn't mean that it's not lasting; it depends on how you are with each other and how you put yourselves in that relationship.

And if you talk about building long-lasting friendships, then friendship is something that makes as time goes on with each other; you don't have to build it. You just have to put in some effort, but from both sides, like being loyal, understanding, caring, supportive, always standing by their side, interrupting them whenever they are wrong, etc., and I think that's what we all do when we are long-lasting friends.

If we talk about what makes you love someone, most people get attracted to his or her loyalty. In friendship, trust is also what makes a friendship lasting. There are some more things that can make your friendship a lasting one.

  • Never breaking someone's trust is the first lesson in long-lasting friendships.
  • Always respect their opinions.
  • Treat them as you want yourself to be treated.
  • Communication is the key to any relationship, whether it's love or long-lasting friendships.
  • Always be a good listener so that they can feel comfortable around you.
  • Always keep it mutual between each other.
  • Keep your word.

Tolerance and patience with each other are two other important characteristics of long-lasting friendships.

In long-lasting friendships, always remember to never hold yourselves back, because if you do that, you both can never get comfortable with each other.

Let Me Tell You What Friendships Mean In My Own Personal Life

I don't have many friends, just a few, but all of us have long-lasting friendships. I am not an expressive person; I always stay in my comfort zone. I am an introverted person who doesn't want to privatize her life, but my friends are like my family to me; I have never felt uncomfortable around them. For other people, I am rude, arrogant, selfish, and full of attitude type person, but my friends have never judged me. They have always understood me and my situation and are by my side no matter what. I have never felt the need to have anyone else in my life. Sometimes, even if I have so many problems, I still feel very lucky to be involved in long-lasting friendships.

I always consider my life as a story that I am writing and will end one day, but my long-lasting friendships are a quote in my story that is highlighted, and people will always get inspired by reading it. And my love for them is double inverted commas on both sides, which makes a special place for them in my heart and life.

Sometimes long-lasting friendships turn into long-lasting relationships, which is the most adorable part of life because no one is luckier than having his or her long-lasting friend as a partner in his or her life.

A mistake most people make is that after some time they start taking their friendship for granted, and this is the worst decision anyone can ever make. Never take any relationship in your life for granted. Always remember that if you are in any relationship with anyone, even if it's friendship, you are both equally involved in that relationship, and you can't take it for granted. The one who can cheat on his or her friend can never love someone unconditionally.

Long-lasting friendships are not a thing; they're a feeling between two or more people that can't be expressed by words; they're an unconditionable bond that is forever. You don't have to think about what he or she thinks you will always say your heart out with them.

In my long-lasting friendships, my friends are like the strings of an umbrella, which makes a shed for me to protect myself from judgmental society. I love myself more, feel proud of myself, and am more confident when I am around them.

Long-lasting friendships are something that no one wants to end because nothing can separate them, not even distance. In long-lasting friendships, distance doesn't matter because they still protect each other, still care for each other, and still love each other. I have never said I love you to any of my friends because I am not that expressive, but still, they know how much I love them and what their place is in my heart, and I think if your long-lasting friendships are strong enough and they know you and understand you, then you don't have to say how much you love them; they'll get you even if you can't say it.

It's my perspective of thinking that if you have long-lasting friendships, then you can pass every difficulty, you can win every situation, you can fight effortlessly, and you can't get scared of losing something because you know there's someone behind you to protect you, to console you, to make you feel everything's fine. That's what we call long-lasting friendships, which are endless.

Time and effort can make any relationship work; you just have to be you, who your own self is. The rest will be perfect as time passes.

As we come to the end of the blog, the only advice that is we should maintain friendships more closely and carefully than our romantic relationships.

Happy Dating!

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