How Do Acts of Kindness Help While Dating in College?

Kindness in Dating
Importance of Kindness While Dating

Did you know that being kind can actually help you while you are dating in college? I mean, we all know that being kind helps you in your emotional health and enhances your well-being. But are you aware of how kindness can help you in your dating life?

Well, college dating is something that is exciting but also demanding. While you are navigating your way with academics, and extracurriculars you also have to deal with and make your way through social pressure along with the extra responsibilities, while also focusing on your personal growth and development, and also take out time

Oof! That sounds like a lot…Worry not, dear reader, we’re here to steer the wheel for this sea of thoughts!

Here’s an interesting take on this idea that highlights the acts of making someone feel better without any reason.

Let’s swoop right in!

Why does Kindness matter in a relationship?

Imagine this: You visit your favourite coffee shop to get your regular order and the barista surprises you with a free muffin just because! Sounds like an awesome day, right?

Now, think of that kindness in your relationship as that sweet, delicious muffin - only better!

Being is an act of doing something that not only makes others feel better by your way of showcasing kindness, it makes you feel better about yourself too.

Sometimes, in your journey of college dating, some small, thoughtful gestures can foster a more meaningful and genuine connection. These gestures can further help you and your partner in having a more positive and fulfilling dating experience.

The secret ingredient to make your relationships more delightful is being kind. The practice of kindliness can shift your overall perspective of life from negative to positive.

Kindness is also proven to have a significant role in improving your mental health as well. Showing empathy and throwing thoughtfulness around like confetti can turn out to be a cakewalk in the era of college dating. If you don’t already practice being kind, you can go ahead and try it out for yourself. We are sure you will get to know all about what we are trying to talk about.

Kindness sparks connections!

Everyone is flawed. One thing that we should always keep in mind is that nobody is perfect. A simple text saying ‘I understand’ or ‘I care about you’ and ‘I am willing to work on this together’ can help emphasize your genuine likeness and care towards your partner. When your partner starts confiding in you and feels like you have an understanding towards each other, things can get simpler and way easier.

Having said that, keep in mind that being kind doesn’t mean that you are overlooking the flaws of the other person. That’s not it. If you haven’t read our blog about the Top 10 ways to practise self-love while dating in college, you can read it to learn more about how you can differentiate between being kind and being a people pleaser.

If you don’t say or express your thoughts to them, they may end up hurting you unintentionally or even vice-versa. Being kind is being aware and accepting your love along with the flaws. I mean, isn’t that all that love is really about?

Better Compatability, Better Partnership!

Aren’t we all just a bunch of romantic fools when it comes to showing gestures of love? But oftentimes, we get confused about how to display our sweet and loving emotions.

Here’s how: Study your partner’s behaviour and try to find out what their love language is.

Every individual has a different love language. It can vary from gift-giving, spending quality time, words of affirmation, acts of kindness, and physical touch. All you have to do is pay attention to what love language your partner has and work your way or divert your actions towards that. You have to recognize what they expect from you and work your way to fulfilling the expectations. Say your partner likes flowers, then you can plan to gift them a bouquet. If your partner likes to spend time together, then perhaps you can plan some romantic dates for the two of you.

Even better, you can leave handwritten notes for them to read! Everybody is a little old-school when it comes to love. It is all about making them feel special.

In the realm of college dating, college stress is real. If your partner is having a weak moment, try to understand their situation and not judge them. You may come across difficulties and struggles here and there. Ensure that you both become each other’s comforters.

Don’t beat yourself up! Allow some time to yourself so you figure out and stay on pace with the fast-moving schedule. All of it will fall into place as you move ahead to strengthen your bond with time.

A secret tip - Drop some compliments on your dates and see your partner blush like a child instantly.

Building the Tree of Trust

Here is a reminder to ask your partner about how their day is going! Go and come back fast. If you already did it, then Bravo! You’re on the right track.

While college dating can ask you to confront some challenges like time management, you need to make sure to take some time out of your schedule and talk and interact with your loved one.

Actively engage yourself in the conversation. Make sure that while you are talking to them you are actually listening. Listen to not just the problems, but also general conversations. Paying attention to every conversation and giving your partner a shoulder to rest their head on during difficult times can help your partner to be able to trust you and feel open to talking about anything and everything with you.

Trust is the glue that is known to bring together and foster some powerful connections. It strengthens emotional dependence.

Being present and always ready to hear about their day and tell them about yours and just simply communicating with them at every possible moment can help you sneak your way into your partner’s heart without even them realizing!

Power Through the World Together

Being kind is an attractive trait! To appreciate even the small wins in your life is to actually be in the moment and live your life to the fullest. After all, we get to our destination through those small steps only.

College is a rollercoaster and having someone to ride along with you makes a whole lot of difference. If you fuel yourself with coffee and plan a study session together, you are not just a couple; you’re a power couple ruling the college dating world together.

Find little moments and small achievements to express your love towards your partner. Here’s an example:

Did your partner just ace an exam they studied so hard for? Celebrate with a coffee date. Did your partner through a difficult week or a rough time? Go for a long walk on the campus or anywhere nearby outside.

Sweet, right?

Well, not just winnings. You should also encourage your loved one if they are going through a tough period of time. If, for some reason, your partner didn’t perform as well in academics, you can plan a quick study date together. If we’re being honest, here is where your game of love language comes into the picture.

While it is crucial to be there for your partner during those thick textbooks, it is also important that you celebrate these small things and small achievements.

If you don’t already know about this, let us tell you a secret- Kindness is contagious. If you are kind, you will most definitely be rewarded with kindness in return. So, remember: When you are spreading kindness, you are also making a kindness potion for you!


In the new world of College Dating, where each student is on their individual journey of evolving, learning, and enhancing their personality, juggling your time between so many thighs can be a little difficult at first. But as you get the gist of it, you understand slowly but steadily the importance of being kind. Remember and make sure to be kind not only to others but to yourself as well.
Think of it like this: Kindliness is a pizza- Everyone likes it, but it is just better with the right toppings! It most surely has the potential to make your dating experience more and extra special. It is a quality that not only helps those around you but also benefits your own self in numerous ways. These simple yet thoughtful little acts of kindness go a long way to change the ordinary into extraordinary. College Dating involves so many aspects to be looked into and we at Idyll have got all of them covered in our blogs. Stay tuned for more interesting topics relating to dating in college.

Happy Dating!

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