From Unseen To Unheard: Explore Your Dating Style!

In recent years, dating culture has gone on another level. After a short tenure of time some of the other new trends make their way in the lives of people. In today's blog you’ll get a fair idea of what these dating styles are and how they shape themselves.

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Dating Styles! 

Evolving Dating Styles

In recent years, dating culture has gone on another level. After a short tenure of time some of the other new trends make their way in the lives of people. No wonder it's always fascinating to explore more about the upcoming trends but at the same time it can also cause a lot of chaos in the minds of the college dating enthusiasts!

It gets really difficult to understand various styles of dating and picking your admired and desired one. But worry not in today's blog you’ll get a fair idea of what these dating styles are and how they shape themselves. Thus, you can also explore the dating style you're wishing to hop on!

Types Of Dating Styles:

There's a whole array of college dating styles prevailing within the society which pops up a lot of emotions in the hearts of the people especially college students. Following are some of the most prominent college dating styles:-

Casual Dating

If you’re a college student and are new to college dating then you might have come across this style of dating. It's one of the most popular dating styles. In this dating style couples do date each other but only with the intention of hanging out, going on dates, and spending time together occasionally. There's no intent of having a long-term hardcore relationship attached to it. But, the most important aspect of such dating is the clarity of thoughts as both the partners should be on the same page. Informed consent should be there. Often, people don't clear these dynamics beforehand due to which Casual Dating often becomes traumatizing and toxic.

Long-Term Relationship

If you're not a great believer in short-lived relationships and want to find something concrete, long-lived. Basically, if you're looking for your ‘Permanent Booking’ then this is what you're looking for. In this type of college dating both the partners are committed to each other. Their bond is secured by the foundation of love and togetherness. This kind of romantic alliance is also popularly known as 'Old School Romance' and is one of the best in the genres of College Dating.

If you're looking for a Long-Term Relationship then you should make sure that you and your partner spend quality time with each other. You’re committed and your ideologies, values and expectations align with each other. Usually the people searching for their ‘The One’ are found falling under this dating style.

Long-term relationship
Permanent Booking For Life!


Situationship is another form of college dating. It's one of the early form of dating. In this style of dating two people are neither friends not they are committed. This type of relationship can also be called as more than friends. But, not boyfriend and girlfriend. This is a very uncanny style of dating. People who hang out together might make out gradually as well. Even if, they aren't in a relationship. Also, both the parties are very much clear with the fact that they are not in a proper relationship and everything is stuck in the between. Such a style of relationship is more common among the college students who are friends and might be slowly falling in love with each other. Hence, Situationship is an upcoming and quite complicated college dating style. However, such type of dating style is very uncanny as you don't know where your relationship is heading and all of a sudden your relationship can also come to an end!

Blind Dating

Blind Dating is a college dating style in which you come across a random person who you’ve never met, seen, or had a conversation with before. Such dating style is met with the help of a friend, family member, or some dating app. It gives you a chance to get to know a person and see if you're able to like the person and are your likes and dislikes actually align or not.

But, such a type of college dating style is not very safe. So, if you're planning to go on a blind date. Try going to a public place, especially if it's a familiar one. And restrict to superficial information in the initial days rather than sharing detailed information.

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits is something that came into being very recently. In this style of college dating, you’re dating people you know or even your friends with whom you tend to have physical inclination more than any sort of emotional or social inclination.

This college dating style is entertaining in cases where you want to just meet the needs in most of the cases. It's very casual. Also, if you're planning to be in a friends-with-benefits dating style with any of your friends then it's highly advised to set your boundaries, expectations, and future goals. As this dating style won't last in a long-term relationship.


In this type of college dating partners co exist with each other in the same house. There are sexually involved with each other and prefers staying together. Such dating styles happens before marriage. Cohabitation also takes place in partners who aren't in a long term committed relationship. Cohabitation is very closely inclined with another types of relationship such as Live In relationships.  A lot of couples also believe that cohabitation is better than marriage because it gives a meaningful bond to couples without being confined under any sorts of legal responsibilities.


Online Dating

Online Dating is the one in which you come across an individual not in person. Rather, you meet, greet and date a stranger or a person online. Usually on social media handles like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp or on online dating apps such as Idyll.

The dating apps are safer as it allows you to set a limit on privacy, sharing information, pictures, sensitive details like phone number and so on. Such dating apps acts as a vehicle for college dating. A lot of people all throughout the world cherishes such online dating experiences and most of the time end up finding their ‘The One’.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is a structured dating format that helps you meet multiple prospective partners in a short period of time. It is organized so that you get to spend a few minutes with each person in attendance.

Such dating styles are very common and very efficient among the corporate culture or people who have really busy schedules and can't find time to spend on dating. In college dating format as well students who can't or don't want to spend time on exploring dating they tend to end up adopting the method of Speed Dating!

Ballroom Dating

This college dating style will surely remind you of this heartwarming melody the whole world is watching, I'd still dance with you"


Group Dating or Ball Room Dating is very common among people who meet together in big and large groups. In such dating styles, people meet, chat, and dance together. And if they are able to find a match among the whole lot of individuals they end up meeting and going on dates frequently. These activities can also be set up as picnics, golf, smash activities, and so on.

Concert Dating Connections

Such college dating connections are really very popular among college students. Because these are the main targets who are prone to go to a lot of concerts. In such concerts and fests, there's a possibility that people make connections. They might interact with people whom they hardly know and in the melodies of music hovering all over them it seems like a perfect vibe and strong dating connections can be made with inter-college or intra-college crowds!

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Exclusive Dating

In exclusive dating, both the partners mutually decide to date religiously each other. If they feel that they have the potential to get into a relationship during college dating. They decide that they’ll not see other people or sleep with others. In such types of dating a trust begins to be followed but the couple is not yet in a proper, committed relationship. But, they might be soon planning to be in one.

Open Relationships

Open Relationships are the ones in which one or both the partners agree to be sexually or romantically involved with other people outside their relationship. Both the partners are aware of this fact and if none of them have any sort of objection that such relationships can work. There are not only open Relationships limited to college dating but there is also a whole new tapestry of open marriages. However, this remains the very exclusive choice of the couples as well.

Open Relationship


At last we can conclude by figuring out how these genres of college dating are structured and how people can choose them as per their own whims and fancies! Each college dating style caters unique and meaningful experiences!

So, my advice for dating is read and re-read the blog to know and analyze your dating style!

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