Do We Need Love To Feel Complete?

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What do you think?
Love yourself before you can love someone else.

Heard this one way too many times, haven't we? The idea of finding peace, love, and stability within yourself seems so glamorous and too good to be true. Kind of like Mr. Bean. Just a teddy bear in hand, his own company and he was winning at life.

Life is more uncomplicated that way. Safe, stable, and healthy. The idea of Loving yourself is always talked about but never comes to life. It's easy to be swept away in the daze of love, but what about the emptiness that creeps in when your partner isn't around? That's unhealthy. Toxic, even.

As Priyanka Chopra says in "Fashion"- “Log puri tarah se tab akele ho jaate hai ... jab apna hi saath choot jaata hai.”


Living in a world of Instagram couples and Pinterest boards full of aesthetic ships has led us to believe that we are missing out on a huge chunk of the best parts of life if we are single. Because life ain't worth living until it's to the fullest, right?

Fullest has come to be associated with the idea of a partner, a soulmate, or another half. This begs the question. Can you be your own soul mate? Be so full of life that you won't ever need another half to complete you. Love yourself so purely that the idea of having a partner is as normal to you as having an emotional support water bottle? Let's tackle this debate the Idyll way!

Why Is Love Important?

We've come so far from the days of rubbing stones together to generating fire and doodling on cave walls. Who did that? Us. Humans. I mentioned that because it's proof of how we are capable of basic self-fulfillment through only the magic of our brain. Logic and brain power. Check. But does that self-fulfillment translate to emotions and love too?

Maybe. Maybe not. This brings up the question:

Do we really need love?

Love gives your life meaning. It holds your hand when you need support. It gives you a tight cuddle when you feel alone. It gives you the capability of seeing the good and bright things in the world. It's a feeling that wraps you up so tightly in a warm cocoon that you feel like nothing can destroy you.

Now there's no necessity that it has to come from another person. This love can come from outside and inside both.

Loving Yourself

Being in a relationship does not mean that one is living it up. There is so much good in life that will never reach your soul if you don't pour even a fraction of the love that you feel for someone into yourself.

Romanticizing your life too much—doing crazy dances in the rain, pimping, or having dinner dates with yourself—is sometimes labeled as 'cliche' and 'overdone'. But it's beautiful. It's True Love. The one that you share with yourself and keep close to your heart. It's your little secret. It makes you feel powerful in a way nothing else does.

The bottom line? Finding love within yourself means being at peace.

If you are left alone and struggling without a shoulder to cry on, you will always know that there is enough strength residing in that heart of yours to pick up the pieces once again and move on. That's real emotional stability and it's priceless.

Sometimes all you need to say out loud in front of the universe is- "I Love Me and that's enough."

Loving Someone Else

Does discovering self-love mean that you don't need a partner? You want to know the most beautiful thing about the human heart? It's capacity to love is endless. The way you sometimes might feel a special kind of love for your best friend, your sister or your parents. You love them all in distinct ways. But when they come together, they complete the puzzle, that is love. Each connection adds a unique piece to the mosaic of love that colors our lives.

A partner is not something that you need. You don't need them to breathe air. You are capable enough to do that yourself. But just because you don't need someone, does it mean that wanting them would make them any less special? A partner enriches your life and makes you feel even more fulfilled than you were before they came along. You'll always be your own best friend but does that mean you don't need new companionship?

Wanting someone to be with doesn't mean you don't love yourself. It just means you enjoy sharing your life with someone special. It's normal to want to be close to others and share your feelings with them. Having a partner can make you feel understood and loved, which is important for everyone. So, it's okay to want a partner and still love yourself at the same time.

Moreover, being in a relationship can teach you new things about yourself and help you grow as a person. You learn to compromise, communicate better, and understand different perspectives. Your partner becomes a source of support, encouragement, and companionship through the roller coaster ride that is life. Together, you create memories, share experiences, and build a lovely future.

Self-Love: Yay Or Nay?

In the end, whether you're single or in a relationship, what truly matters is finding peace and contentment within yourself. Loving yourself isn't just a trendy phrase; it's emotional well-being in it's purest and rawest form. It's about embracing who you are, celebrating your little quirks, and nurturing your own happiness.

Idyll, idyll dating, love, dating advice, love advice
Self-Love: Yay Or Nay?

Life isn't about conforming to societal expectations or chasing after a picture-perfect romance. It's about finding joy in the little moments, whether you're dancing in the rain or enjoying a quiet dinner alone. True love starts from within, radiating outward to enrich your relationships and your life.

While a partner can bring companionship and growth, they should complement, not complete, your sense of self. You are already whole and worthy of love, whether you're flying solo or sharing your journey with someone special.

So, cherish yourself, cherish your connections, and cherish the love that envelops you. Whether you're cuddled up with a loved one or chilling in your own company, remember that the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself. And that, my friend, is the most beautiful love story of all.

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