How To Date An Introvert?

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Not everyone is a master at the art of flirting and bantering. Not everyone likes going out for dates or doing drunken karaoke at parties just for the heck of it. Some people like to keep their lives hidden, like a precious thing to be protected. It's not wrong; it's just them.

They like to live in their shell but there’s that one person. For whom they open up their shy little hearts and if that person is you, then I’d like to tell you something- You are the luckiest one on this planet to be graced with your introverted partner’s love and care. There’s something special about you that has made them wanna ditch the hermit like lifestyle and make some room for another person.

Read this one for the Aditya Kapoor to your Geet from Jab We Met! Introverts are precious; here’s how to love and date one properly!

Be More Perceptive

Love is always a little about communicating without words. Sometimes, in order to make you happy, your significant other might say yes to going bowling, going on a double date or meeting your best friends when he/she still isn’t ready, despite their internal introvert waving a red flag at the thought.

Here's where you have to slip in to save the day. Be more perceptive of their feelings and emotions. You might unknowingly put them in situations that make them uncomfortable. Not everything needs to be said out loud between two people in a relationship. Some things are a given. Get to know what the ‘given’ is and make sure to indulge in situations that both of you feel confident and comfortable being in.

Quiet Nights In

Imagine: It’s a Friday night, and instead of going to that pool party, you and your introverted partner are cozied up on the couch, binge-watching your favorite show. There’s a tub of chocolate brownie ice cream between you, and the only sound in the room is that of the heroine screaming at her boyfriend on the show.

It’s not exactly the stuff rom-coms are made of, but damn if it isn’t perfect in its own quiet way. Forget the glamour of fancy restaurants—who needs them when you’ve got sweatpants, your favorite cuddling blanket and a new season of Bridgerton waiting for you?

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Quiet Nights In

Meaningful Conversations

Now, let’s talk about those heart-to-heart chats that make your soul feel like it’s been hugged from the inside out. You know the ones – where you bare your deepest fears and wildest dreams to each other, and suddenly, the weight of the world feels a little lighter.

Sure, you might have to pry your partner’s phone out of their hands to get their undivided attention, but once you do, it’s like magic. Who needs superficial small talk when you can just lay out all your emotions on the carpet?

Shared Hobbies

Instead of fighting over chores like a couple of grumpy old roommates, you and your partner stumble upon something you both actually enjoy. Whether it's whipping up Nutella pancakes in the kitchen, getting down and dirty in the garden, or fangirling over Arijit Singh, finding common ground is the glue that binds your relationship. So here's to bonding over shared interests, even if it means enduring the occasional cringe-worthy hallmark movies.

Appreciation For Nature

Now, let’s talk about the lovely outdoors. Whether you’re hiking through the mountains or kissing under the stars, there’s something undeniably romantic about hanging out with your introverted partner with a nice scoop of nature. Sure, you might have to deal with a few mosquito bites, but hey, that’s all part of the adventure, right?

Acts Of Thoughtfulness

Oh, the sweet, sweet sound of passive-aggressive Post-it notes and begrudgingly pick up two packets of hide and seek for your partner at the store. Who needs grand romantic gestures when you can be subtle about your love, adoration, and infatuation? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? They might give you a few eye rolls or chuck a pillow at your head, but that’s love. Messy, sometimes annoying, and, oh so charming love.

Those Special Imperfections

I believe that imperfections are the spice that adds flavor to any relationship. Imagine this: you and your partner are sitting together, laughing at each other's terrible jokes because you both have a broken sense of humour.

It's not the jokes that are funny – it's the fact that you're sharing these moments of silliness together that makes you want to pick up your introverted partner and steal them away from the world to keep forever.

Or how about this: you're both bickering over the remote control, arguing about what to watch on TV like it's a life-or-death decision. It's not the argument that's important – it's the fact that you're comfortable enough to disagree and still love each other at the end of the day.

In these moments, you realize that perfection is overrated – it's the flaws that make your relationship uniquely yours. Whether it's forgetting to take out the trash or leaving dirty socks on the floor, these little annoyances are just part of the package deal. Sure, you might have to weather a few storms along the way, but hey – that's just part of the adventure of love. And when you look back on it all, you'll realize that it's these imperfections that make your relationship truly beautiful.


So there you have it – the sarcastic, emotional, and utterly relatable guide to finding perfection in the little things. Because, let’s face it – love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, it’s sweatpants and Netflix marathons. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay.

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