At First, It Was Cute But Now...

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Don't worry if your answer is yes.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months what once was adorable has turned into something unpleasant.

Ah!! I get it, the spark in your relationship has faded and you are contemplating how to bring back the attraction level you had initially for each other. Well, worry not because your big sister from Idyll will give you various advice to help you row your boat!🚤

Understanding Yourself

If you do not respect your wishes, no one else will. You will simply attract people who disrespect you as much as you do
Ooh! I love the saying that goes something like "Are you together because you love them Or because they are the only one that wants you?".  Makes you wanna question your relationship, right?

Some of us can easily answer it with a one-liner, but I'm talking with those people who can't. It's a tough world and you are clinging to the only ray of hope you could find.

It's easy to think things like 'I am not doing anything wrong!'. Well, if you are in a relationship with someone you don't like, it's disrespecting to them and even to yourself, and yes. There is something wrong.

You might be struggling with issues related to Self-love or having problems with Confidence but please, remember that you can't love someone until and unless you love yourself.

Loving someone else comes later. First, we have to love ourselves. So, deal with issues that need help first, and then issues with relationships can come later. Besides, is there anyone more important than our own existence?

We can increase our attraction levels by loving ourselves first and having some sort of confidence in our lives. After all, Building attraction is a journey of self-discovery and authenticity.

Express Yourself

idyll, idyll dating, changing relationship, love, romance, relationship, dating tips, love advice
Talk it out!!

Well, let me help you improve your communication skills so that when you go and raise your issues later, they will sound much more mature and not like some child throwing a tantrum.

Everyone should know how to express themselves after all, both verbal and non-verbal cues can shape attraction and communication.

Some things you should pay attention to are things like active listening without interrupting them and not starting your own story without listening to them first. Express yourself with statements starting with 'I' rather than playing the blame game. Doing things like this can instantly shoot down those attraction levels. Stay calm and avoid all the name-calling, yelling, sarcasm, or snarky remarks. Validate their feelings if you want them to validate yours too.

Express your needs and expectations, seek compromises, take responsibility, and brainstorm solutions together. Remember that it will take time and effort to resolve these issues and you have to be patient with yourself as well as with your partner.

Re-Discovering Romance

Now that we have addressed some serious issues, I'll hop back and tell you what to do when you are losing that attraction and spark in your relationship by giving some creative and exciting date ideas.

A fun idea would be to go cycling in around Lodhi Garden and surround yourself with all the murals or you can cycle around some other fun place you know. This will make for a cool, fun, and memorable date plus it's budget friendly as it costs only time.

idyll, idyll dating, changing relationship, love, romance, relationship, dating tips, love advice
Sounds great! Right?

A picnic date sounds spectacular and sweet so why not give your partner a surprise by saying 'Babe! Get up we are going on a date. I've already prepared the picnic basket'. It will create that spontaneity and surprise that is needed.

Rock climbing also sounds like a fun date idea and doing some sort of physical activities with your partner might help you see them in a new light. You can visit Boulder Box at Vasant Kunj. They provide such activities at INR 700/- per head.

Another fun idea that will add a lot of spontaneity to your date could be to get off at a random station and then explore that new area together.

If you are someone who prefers to have a sense of control in your life, it might be worth considering doing things spontaneously or going on unplanned adventures. This could potentially reignite the spark in your relationship and bring back the attraction you guys are missing.

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Quality Time

idyll, idyll dating, changing relationship, love, romance, relationship, dating tips, love advice
It works like a charm!!

I don't think I have to explain the importance of quality time in a relationship because I'm hoping you all know it and besides isn't it obvious that you have to spend time with each other if you want your relationship to go well?

Still, for those who don't know the obvious I'll give some points:-

  • Quality time could be considered a cornerstone of a healthy and happy relationship.
  • It helps in building a deep emotional connection.
  • It helps avoid uncertainty in relationships and builds trust.

Quality time can be a great way of getting that attraction back in the relationship.

Explore Hobbies

idyll, idyll dating, changing relationship, love, romance, relationship, dating tips, love advice
this is too cute

This might seem unnecessary or something that is not worth considering. Well, to your surprise it might work wonders because you guys are used to seeing a certain image of your partner which is normal for you, but when you see your partner doing something they have never done before or something they are not good at. It will create a new image in your mind and help raise your attraction level.

Let me give you some examples of your new hobbies that you guys could give a try:- Pottery classes, Hiking, Cafe hopping and you guys could even try volunteering together.

Spicing Things Up

idyll, idyll dating, changing relationship, love, romance, relationship, dating tips, love advice
Take things to the next level

Maybe, by spicing things in your intimate life, we can bring back the attraction you had for each other. You can do so by exploring each other fantasies in a safe and non-judgmental environment or Experimenting with role-playing scenarios. Remember to prioritize foreplay and maintaining spontaneity.


A time like this comes in every relationship where there are neither sparks nor butterflies, and the attraction level has gone below the bars and you guys are in a weirdly comfortable situation where dressing up or trying hard seems un-called for but if you guys could just try hard to overcome this time together, then I'm sure there's bound to be many more meaningful conversation and big steps you could count on that might change your life. And I'm sure When you look back later in life, today's problems will surely seem insignificant.

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