Get Your Priorities Right: Best Friend Or Partner?

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Let's settle it!

Imagine life is a roller-coaster, and you're about to start the ride of a lifetime. You've got two tickets- who will you take? Your ride-or-die bestie or the love of your life?

Tough choice, huh?
idyll, idyll dating, best friend, partner, romance, date, dating advice, priorities
Tough choice, right?

Or imagine you are at a crossroads as to whom to pick-  your bestie who has been with you through thick and thin or your lover? Well technically, we all want to stick with the girl/bro code and assume we will choose our best friend.

But don't we also want to give our 100% to our partner? When we are left with the question of picking one over the other our mind goes blank, right? Well worry not and listen to me as I try to make your life easy by helping you decide whom to pick.

Shouldn't Your Partner Be Your Best Friend?

I know we have all heard this one way or another that your partner should also be your best friend, but do we have to over-complicate our friendships by trying to find the love angle in it? Makes me remember that dialogue

"Ek ladka or ladki kabhi sirf dost nhi ho sakte"  

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Is Platonic Friendship Possible?
This is an age-old argument and has been the content of arguments for ages. Let Idyll help and find you a solution! <3

Well back to the point, I do get that many of you say that your partner is your best friend to show that you guys are equals, intellectually capable, and bonded by something much greater than just the need for physical intimacy. And in all honesty, everyone wants this kind of relationship.

But I also think that giving a single individual, two roles both of a partner and a best friend is expecting too much from them. And expecting too much from a single person is almost like setting them up for failure, and for ourselves to later feel disappointed in them.

Ultimately, it comes down to the individual's personality. Whether you consider your lover to be your best friend or not is totally up to you and the nature of the relationship you have with your partner.

Things To Keep In Mind

Nature of the relationship✨

Consider the nature of your relationship with both of them. Ask yourself who you think is closer to you and with whom you are happier and feel safe. Who makes you feel comfortable and who overall holds more value in your life?

Emotional support😌

idyll, idyll dating, best friend, partner, romance, date, dating advice, priorities
Try not to pick someone like him

When you are feeling down cause your boss shouted at you, or your parents forgot your birthday, who will you vent this all to? If the answer to my question is that you will tell them both about this, then who do you think of telling it first?  

Ask yourself who is better at validating your feelings or who you could talk to easily in a non-judgemental environment without worrying that they will bitch about this to someone else?

Trust and Loyalty🙏

If you have to say, who you think is more trustworthy and loyal to you, and you don't have to think too much about it. Just think about it for a minute and tell me what is the first name that comes to your mind.

Sometimes we complicate things too much by overthinking them and, you don't have to do that, you are considerably better than this. Just trust your gut feeling.


idyll, idyll dating, best friend, partner, romance, date, dating advice, priorities
If he doesn't randomly text like this, is he even trying?

Reflect on who you think you are communicating better with. Communication is an important key in any relationship and you should know with "Who you are more comfortable having a heart-to-heart conversation with?"

So, think about who you can communicate with openly and honestly.

Future outlook

I'm sure that you don't want to be someone who picked her lover over her long-time best friend, just for that best friend to later betray you, right? So darlings, You have to think about the future.

Think about who will remain in the future and who can emotionally support you better at later stages of life or who could make your life better by just staying in it.

Partner Over Best Friend?

idyll, idyll dating, best friend, partner, romance, date, dating advice, priorities
Tell him by saying something this cool

I will make this super easy for both of us by giving some advantages of choosing your lover over your best friend.

  1. Sharing life goals and building a future together creates a unique bond between partners.
  2. Romantic relationships involve deeper levels of commitment.
  3. You can expect your partner to prioritize your needs above others.
  4. Intimacy and physical affection create a unique and special bond.
  5. You can count on them for financial support.

Best Friend Over Partner?

idyll, idyll dating, best friend, partner, romance, date, dating advice, priorities

Just like earlier, I will compile some points and tell you about the advantages of having a best friend over a lover.

  1. Best friends offer unconditional support and understanding without the complications of romantic involvements.
  2. Best friends often offer honest advice and feedback without any biases.
  3. Best friends often have a longer history, so we feel like trusting them more.
  4. Friendships allow for more freedom and independence.
  5. You are more likely to have similar interests and hobbies with your best friend.
  6. Friendships are less likely to be affected by external pressure, allowing for a more comfortable experience.

You should never feel obliged to choose your lover over your friend, and no one has any right to tell you who you should choose, it should 100% be what you want. However, if you are wondering whether you can fall for two people at the same time or not; you can check this blog out!


In the end, I hope you don't find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between your best friend or lover because both provide a different unique support system. But if you do find yourself in such a mess, remember all that I told you, I'm pretty sure it will help you in figuring out who to choose.

That's just the way things go

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