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What should you do? 

Let's just all agree to the fact that we all feel jealous when we see all those couple edits on "Maula Mere Maula," and it feels like "I also want to flaunt my relationship like this." Love really makes us do things we thought we would never do 🤪. Love is a complicated and beautiful feeling, which often makes us wonder how best to flaunt it to the outside world.

Should you keep it a secret or you flaunt your love? The answer to this question varies depending on a number of parameters, such as your relationship type, social standards, and personalities.

I've loved you three summers now, honey, but I want 'em all!
Perfect song to hard launch your relationship

Some couples would rather keep their relationship private in order to prevent evil eyes, negative energy, and outsiders from getting involved. However, showing off your love for your partner may be a fun way of remembering your bond and spreading joy to everyone, which can deepen their partnership by creating shared memories and experiences.

Keep It Private, Until It's Permanent:

Let's take the example of Sid-Kiara. After Shershah got released, a lot of people assumed that they were dating, but they never confirmed it publicly and one fine day, they broke the internet with their wedding pictures, and from that day on we are just drooling over them. They look so cute together 😍. After they got married, this one quote was all over the internet: "Keep it private, until it's permanent."

idyll, idyll dating, secret dating, flaunting your love, date, dating advice
Ab humari permanent booking ho gayi hai

Many people believes in evil eye and prefer to keep their love private. A private relationship is a type of partnership where people know that you are dating but they don't know the details.

A secret one might come across as very shady or as sweet and appealing. That is based upon your opinion on the matter and previous experience with maintaining the privacy of dating life.

It would be wise to take some time to figure out all of the factors that could cause someone to be less than truthful about who they love, before passing judgment on someone for maintaining privacy or for not disclosing their relationship status on social media.

To get a better understanding of what to do and how to react in such a situation, let's dive straight into our chit-chat session 😉

Reasons For Keeping A Relationship Secret

Family or Social Standards:

Expectations, such as when to reveal it to the public and whom to date, can be very strong in some families or societies. Many families are very strict and are against love marriages, and sometimes it is very hard to make them understand certain things. Respecting your family while managing these expectations can be accomplished by keeping it private. In that situation, keeping a relationship private until your family has no objection is always a good choice.

Checking Compatibility:

Before announcing their status to others, some couples decide to test their compatibility by keeping it secret in the initial phases of their relationship. This allows them to figure out whether the relationship has a long-term future or is just some short-term attraction toward each other before going public, without any outside pressure or involvement. When your relationship is public, the outside factors also affect your bond and pressurize you to make it work, even if you and your partner are not compatible with each other.

Avoiding Pressure:

When your relationship is public, it can occasionally result in pressure to live up to expectations or achieve specific milestones, like marriage or having kids. By keeping it a secret, both partners may release some of that pressure and move more thoroughly into their relationship at their own speed without feeling pressured to live up to social media standards. Sometimes, it's family pressure that forces people to either let go of their relationship or get into something for which they are not ready.

Signs Of A Secret Relationship:

😶‍🌫️They don't want you to meet their family or friends.
😶‍🌫️You don't go on actual dates with them.
😶‍🌫️When you are with them, they don't introduce you as their boyfriend or girlfriend.
😶‍🌫️There is no emotional connection, only physical connection is there.
😶‍🌫️Not even their close friends know that you are dating them.

Let's discuss some advantages and disadvantages so that you can get a clarity about whether to keep your love secret or to flaunt it.

Secrecy or social media extravaganza?


Building a Support System:

You can get greater support from the people you care about once you make your relationship public. Having friends and family who are supportive and able to provide advise and are there for you can be very helpful if you are honest about your relationship. The people in your life will know you're together and may even offer support when someone tries to bring you down. This type of support can be quite helpful, especially during tough times.

Celebrating Your Relationship:

You'll feel much happier if you tell your closest family and friends about the new relationship. Similarly to sharing a delicious dessert, happiness doubles when more people engage! Their energy and best wishes can increase the enjoyment level and add to the overall specialness of the celebration. Showing off your partner, celebrating them, acknowledging them as your partner on social media will make them feel special give them a sense of security and stability. Expressing your love in public can be a happy way to celebrate the relationship and let the world know how happy you are.

idyll, idyll dating, secret dating, flaunting your love, date, dating advice
Celebrate the little things

Closeness and Privacy:

Keeping your love a secret from prying eyes, where you and your partner are the only people, creates a special closeness and trust. Less can be better in certain situations, especially when you think somebody may not be completely happy with the relationship you have. Keeping secrecy could help in avoiding unwanted gossip or negative criticism. It's similar to maintaining peace and calmness, which some couples may find attractive. By keeping your relationship private, you may protect it from unwelcome comments and external pressure and let it develop naturally.

Just The Two Of Us:

We can make it, just the two of us💗

Keeping your relationship only between you and your partner can be really helpful. You can focus on getting to know each other more closely without listening to all other voices and opinions. You can be the author of your love story together since it's yours! This might be a really good way of privately and emotionally lay a firm foundation for your relationship. Sometimes, interfere of third party ruins the essence of a relationship.


Unwanted Attention:

Posting too much on social media could possibly lead to unwanted drama. This could come from online strangers, unhappy relatives, or even jealous ex's. It can be in the form of comments, memes etc. People might not take your relationship seriously.

Comparison Trap:

Facebook and Instagram are full of perfectly ideal couples. Getting overwhelmed with such pictures all the time can make you feel insecure and can make you question your own relationship with your partner. Don't let social media consume your bond with your partner.


Family and friends might assume you're being secretive. They may be worried about the fact that you're not serious about your relationship or that something else is wrong. It can lead to loneliness from hiding it from your family and friends.

idyll, idyll dating, secret dating, flaunting your love, date, dating advice
We don't want this :(


Sharing your love or keeping it private – both have their pros and cons. The best part? It's up to you two to choose what fits best! Maybe you're a couple who loves to shout your love from the rooftops just like Dharmendra expressed his love to Basanti in Shole 😉 or maybe you prefer cozy nights in, keeping your love story just between you two. Remember that there is no competition, irrespective of your decision.  There's no reward for displaying the biggest show of love and no repercussions for keeping silent.

What matters most is that the love you have feels natural and fulfilling. So go ahead and show your love in the way that brings you the biggest smile! Go ahead and share it with the world if that's what it takes! It's also OK to keep it secret if that feels right!  In the end the most important thing is the beautiful relationship you have with one other.

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