What To Do When Your First Date Isn't Going Well?

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We have all been there when butterflies turn into awkward silence and all the preparations for the first date go down the drain. Should you leave or maybe try to make this one a little more memorable?

Well, you have to understand that not every date is going to be a fairy tale and the sparks might take quite a long time to light, but till then, allow me to give you some awesome dating advice. Let me be your knight in shining armor and help you salvage the situation with grace and humor!

Assessing The Situation

The first and foremost important step is to know when the first date starts going awry and when the air starts getting heavy. This is not tough; you can probably tell it easily by signs like awkward silence, avoiding eye contact, or constant checking of phones.

So, now that we know something ain't right our next step would be to keep our calm because panicking is neither worth it nor will it help your case. My dating advice would be to keep your composure and try to change the approach by redirecting the conversation.

Redirecting The Conversation

Idyll, Idyll Dating, first date, bad first date, love, dating tips
Who doesn't like this!?

Redirecting a conversation is easy and effective, you can ask some fun questions that will put your date in a situation where they can't blindly answer your question, and have to think about what to answer. You can start with questions like:

If their life is a movie. What would they name it? Or
If they had a time machine. Would they rather live in the past or the future? Or
If they get only 3 words to describe themselves. What would they be? 

This wonderful dating advice would help you take charge of the conversation to get you out of the awkwardness plus these questions will help you understand what kind of a person your date is. It's like killing two birds with one stone!

Suggesting A Change Of Location

Idyll, Idyll Dating, first date, bad first date, love, dating tips
A change of location sounds refreshing 

Maybe a change of location is all that you guys need and sitting at a coffee shop could get a little boring. Well, worry not because your big sister here has all the dating advice you need.

First, ask your date if they are catching the same boring vibe from the shop. If it's a yes then you guys should leave, even if you have already given the order and now it will make you guys look bad because, in the end, who cares nobody except you two is going to remember it anyway. This will be like a scene from those 20's movies!

It's not necessary to go to another place after that you and your date can just take a good nice walk outside.

Finding Common Ground

Idyll, Idyll Dating, first date, bad first date, love, dating tips
Find similarities

Remember how we all used to bitch about a common teacher in school saying things like 'inko to padhana hi ni ata' Or 'inka to padhane ka mn hi nahi hai' with the new kid to help him/her open up a little and then in no time they become part of our gang? Well, my next dating advice for you is to find something you both have in common and talk about it, give them some time to open up and warm up to you.

Managing expectations

Expectations will be the death of you!

Let's face it, maybe the problem is you because you had already planned out how the first date will go and now that your expectations aren't meeting a certain standard your brain is panicking thinking about what went wrong.

My next wonderful advice would be to forget what you had in mind, besides that's the only and easy solution. Now, let loose and maybe let your date take the lead. You never know, maybe it will become one of those experiences you can never forget about.

Knowing When To End The Date

Idyll, Idyll Dating, first date, bad first date, love, dating tips
Let's just end this

Just sitting there stealing glances at each other and all that dry talk ain't going to help you save this first date. You have to accept that ab raita phel gya hai and there's nothing more you can do. Just take my advice and end the date.

You can end it by making it clear that this first date isn't going well so it's best to end it, but this is quite direct and takes guts plus you might seem rude or maybe take the easy way out by giving some silly excuse.

Evaluate What Went Wrong

Idyll, Idyll Dating, first date, bad first date, love, dating tips
Think about it

Now that the first date is ruined and you are all alone, you have all the time you need to evaluate what went wrong, I get that you don't even want to think about it but you have to because this will surely help you for future dates.

If you want to move on, it's time for some self-realization.

It's not necessary that you were the problem. For all I know it could've been your date. So you have to calm down and think "Do they deserve a second chance?" and when you do get the answer to that, remember to also ask yourself whether you deserve that second chance.

Accept Your Flaws

This dating advice might get some hate because who like accepting their flaws but if you do want a second date with them just text them by saying "Hey! I know the first date went quite awful but if you could just give me a second chance I'll make sure that we have fun at the next one"

Idyll, Idyll Dating, first date, bad first date, love, dating tips
* sigh *

And if you do get a second chance make sure to make the most out of it and not mess it up like last time.

Play It Cool

One bad date isn't the end of your world!

So what if the first date went wrong and they ghosted you? It's not the end of the world. You have so many wonderful dates and experiences ahead of you. Even this bad date helped you, now you know exactly what not to do in the future.

The last thing we want you to do is try to reconnect with your first date when they are not interested. It will just make you look needy and creepy so my next dating advice would be to play it cool whether or not you get that second date.


Although it's hard to sit on a boring and awkward first date you have to but, hey at least I'm here to help by providing great bits of advice that's worth a shot. Remember you had to know when the date started going bad and then redirect the conversation maybe find some interests you both have in common and if this isn't helping maybe ending the date and going home will.

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