From Awkward To Amazing: How To Ace Your First Date!

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Here's Your Guide!
First dates are made of butterflies, small talk, and moments that make your heart skip a beat.

First Date!❤

First Date is one of the most heartfelt and memorable in any individual's life. First Dates comprises a blend of merriment, enthusiasm, and lots of nervousness. Everyone fantasizes about their first date and wishes it to be perfect.

Are you also planning to go on a first date? Then please understand this- being extremely nervous about it is totally normal!

And don't worry, bud! Idyll brings to you a series of First Date Tips which will guide you to have a good impression on your first date. Let's dive right in!

The First Date Tips Before Going On The Date!

Before going on the first date it's very natural to feel anxious. You might have had a chat with a person for a hefty amount of time but when it comes to meeting in person feelings are really complicated. But, there are certain do’s and don'ts which should be avoided or accepted by you. So, this shall surely be one of your first date tips.

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Remember to smile!

❌ Don't Overthink!

The second first date tip comes here as it’s good to imagine how your first date will go but at the same time there’s no need for you to over contemplate your first date. If you do so then there are two outcomes only. Either you'll panic thinking again and again regarding this or you might set up really high expectations for your first date. And, in both the scenarios it's not a great activity to get involved in right before your first date.

💆🏻‍♀️ Prepare A Bit..

However, it's a personal dating advice you shall not overthink much about your first date. But there's no harm in preparing a bit. You can plan a few things for your first date. Ranging from the topics of conversation to cover to doing some gestures which might have a positive impression in your partner's heart.  So, follow this first date tip and commence your preparation.

🎁 You Can Plan Surprises!

You can plan some small but admirable surprises for your partner. Maybe you can surprise them with their favourite flowers or you can order their favourite dish after reaching there. It will make your partner feel specia as they’ll love your efforts you've pit in to follow your first date tips. If you both are seeking a long term relationship then such acts will enhance your love relationship to another level. Picking up your date in your car or going on a walk hand in hand are all tiny but significant steps in building up a relationship!

📍 Decide Location..

Deciding a location to meet is also the most important factor. If you have met the person in some app or social media site. Then, it’s highly preferred to meet in a known public place as it's much safer. Except for that location should be decided which is convenient for both the persons and they can share aesthetic memories from the same. First Date Tips can also be unconventional and rather than meeting in a restaurant it can also be a heritage walk to a monument, a movie date, a library date, a campus concert date and so on.

✔ Be Real!

A lot of times, couples especially teens tend to make one of the most common mistakes while planning for their first date tip that they shows their best version. But, often their best version is fabricated as they try their fit in the molds expected by the other person. So, if you’re going on your first date anytime soon then focus on portraying what you actually are. Whether it's great or fine, good or bad just be real and as natural as you are.


The Outfit Of The First Date is also a stressful thing to be chosen. Stop stressing up yourself as this first date tip encourages you should wear anything which feels comfortable and classy to you. You should choose to wear an outfit which suits best and can even make you feel confident and well as attractive. Also, girls can accessorize your outfit with beautiful pairs of earrings and jhumkas! You can even keep your hair open or closed as per what suits you best. And at last, an elegant bag can crack the deal.

For boys as well they should go for something classy as well as comfortable. They can add elegance to their outfit by wearing a watch and a sweet smile on their face.

⌚ Be Punctual..

On your first date, you should be punctual. It doesn't look great to make your partner keep waiting for you. Also, in case you are running late or lost track of time then it's really considerate and kind to inform your partner regarding the same beforehand only.  So, punctuality is a timeless first date tip.

👂🏻 Try To Be A Good Listener..

As per your next first date tip when you meet a person for the first time. You should surely interact and share your take on things but at the same time you should try your best to be an active listener. This makes the other person feel much comfortable and a sense of security is induced which helps them to share their perspectives and opinions without being judged or misunderstood.

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Avoid sounding like a narcissist, please!

💕Just Be In The Moment!

Rather than pre contemplating much about the consequences which will happen on, during and after your first date. It's better to just go unplanned, dealing with all the last minute chaos and give your best. Just be in the moment, enjoy things, spend quality time with your date, talk about topics which come spontaneously in your mind. Follow this first date tip to stay confident and also make the other person feel immensely comfortable with you!

The Aftermath!

Here comes an exclusive first date tip for you guys!

After your first date you should give yourself some time. You should take time to absorb and analyze everything. Also, it is highly preferred that you think about the date alone first. However, later on you can share your experiences with your friends, family and close ones. This will also help you to seek their person's feedback which is very insightful altogether. You should also cherish the sweet moments and also introspect whether the person and the meetup gave you happiness or not.

There is also a possibility that your first date can be awkward and not as you planned. But, it's absolutely alright. This signifies that you both are just beginning to know each other and it doesn't mean the end of your relationship.

Movies, Books, and Songs For Your First Date!

Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid offers first date tips in a very authentic way by embracing themes such as long walks, Mumbai Darshan, and ‘Do Cup Chai’ date ideas. It also cutely reflects the sweet ideas that are small but significant enough to make space in the hearts of your loved ones!

Aisha And Sid Nailing It!

Socha Na Tha

Even today, our desi parents are all about arranged marriages. Socha Na Tha, explores the same theme but with a twist. Two people, Viren (Abhay Deol) and Aditi (Ayesha Takia), are set up for an arranged marriage, but they both deny. On a turn of events, they again meet, and Viren invites Aditi to Goa to find out if his girlfriend of three years loves him or not. Though the movie was not as appreciated at the box office, Imitaz Ali’s Socha Na Tha has a really good plot.

The Unnecessary Alliance:-

The Unnecessary Alliance is a Wattpad retreat. The book is one of the most celebrated ones in the contemporary world. However, the book covers a wide range of themes and sub themes. The most special among them is also the first meet of the male and female protagonists. The book cherishes love, romance and loyalty to its fullest!

The Unnecessary Alliance!


Lover by Taylor Swift will surely be a melodious retreat to your ears and souls. So, listening to Lover by Taylor Swift might become a tradition of your dates!


First dates are always special and they’ll remain to be. The best thing about them is that they aren't predefined by the conventions of the society. This is something which is solely reliable on the couple themselves.

So, stay stress free and enjoy each and every moment of your first date. Be it small or awkward doesn't matter. It shall always remain close to your heart! ❤️