5 Stages of a Breakup- Let's Move On!

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You've Got This!
As Sad As It Is- The Heart Is Meant To Be Broken!

I bet you nodded your head after reading this line!

So let me ask, are you someone who has recently broken up with someone who you thought was the love of your life? Don't worry my warrior, you are not alone. We know for sure that breakups and moving on suck especially during your exam season.

If you are in the process of heartbreak or moving on, then you are at the right place.

No, don't worry, I am not here to tell you that you should move on (Of course you should!). I am here to give you a reality check!

In the journey of breakups and moving on, you are going to face these 5 stages.

Table Of Contents:

Glue your eyes to the screen and read along with your other heartbroken friends!

PS: Do not send this to your ex.


Stage 1:

🤡 Denial or Delusion

Dost, delulu is not the solulu. The person who said this must be living a delusional yet sad life. Being in denial is the first stage that crawls up in your head in your era of breakups and moving on. Here, your reality is like a Harry Potter movie. You end up asking yourself, "Is that even true that the love of my life is not there with me anymore?" You often end up thinking that things will go back to normal.

I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it won't!

Breakups and moving on can give you major anger issues sometimes. Don't worry it is natural but don't let it harm anyone and by anyone I mean anyone.

Stage 2:

🤬 Breakup Ka Gussa

In this second stage, your emotions are at the peak level. You end up asking yourself questions like:

"Why did we break up?"

"Meri kya galti thi?"

"Why me? Mere saath hi kyu hota hai aisa?"

"Should I delete my ex's pictures?"

Here, you start to channel your inner emotions and get frustrated with your ex-partner or even yourself to end things in this way.

You may start turning into Kabir Singh when you deal with intense anger and emotional turmoil in this stage.

Stage 3:

😪 The Bargain

In this stage, while you have had a recent breakup or are on the way to moving on, you may find yourself with the character traits of Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Like Ross, you will try to use and plot many techniques to get back to the love of your life.

The basic things that you will find yourself doing are texting them to come back again or even thrashing your self-respect and begging them to be in your life like before.

But hey friend, it should not be the case. The third stage is very common where you want to seek closure from your ex and you text them:

"Hey, listen can we meet?"

"Let's give it a last shot. Please."

Honestly, while reading these two messages, if you think of the times you have sent these, then I am hardcore judging you!

Stage 4:

🌊 Depression Ka Wave

When life gives you a reality check of your breakup, the depression phase ought to hit at that time.

In the breakup and moving on time, you will feel this heavy load of emotions just pouring out of your chest.

Feeling sad, lonely and anxious is quite common in the fourth stage of your heartbreak. You will find yourself listening to hurtful songs, and watching sad movies: all this just to relieve the ache and make yourself feel better.

Trust me when I say this, it does help but to a certain extent. You tend to turn into Ranbir Kapoor's character in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

PS: Please don't sing Channa Mereya. It is not cool!

If this stage lasts for a long time, try to talk to your friends or close ones, watch good shows, and try to make yourself feel better.

Life is too short to have heartaches and feel despair!

Stage 5:

🤎Acceptance Zaroori Hai!

Doston, we have reached the last stage of a breakup and moving on- ACCEPTANCE. You finally will accept the fact in this stage, the fact that you guys are not together anymore. You will begin to make peace that your relationship has ended. Here, you will understand that whatever happened is for your good.

You will finally and finally understand that the movie La La Land was trying to show us that we should accept things the way they are and embrace the newer beginnings that life has for us in store.

Now when you are in the acceptance stage, go hit the gym, because as hurtful as it can be, breakup and moving on also helps you in self-discovery and growth.

PS: Delete all their pictures and chats now! You are all healed, my friend.

In the end, it is you that matters 🖤

Dating, breakups, moving on and relationships as a whole can not only be a rollercoaster but an overwhelming experience.

Coping with heartbreaks is tough, agreed, but it needs to be taken care of. Healing from breakups and moving on is a journey that requires patience and for sure takes time.

Keep moving on with the difficulties you know why? Because you are a hero!

Sooner or later, you will come out of this stronger, wiser and with a new outlook towards life.

One day you will forget to remember them and life will be all good again!

Someone said, "The only cure for a broken heart is to love again."

The world is a beautiful place to live and make meaningful connections. Go out, love again, date again, and don't forget to have some fun!

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